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Articles & Interviews

The Lilys in Amsterdam - taken from this website
Pop and Bothered - from Alternative Press, May 1995
Doom and Bloom - from CMJ, November 1996
Lilys Bloom - by Brett Milano
The Lilys - from The Bob, issue #47
Return Of The Native - from Temple News, October 31, 1996
A New Career In Town - from Alternative Press, January 1997
Lilys Interview - by Stuart Grayson & Robin Allport
The Lilys Tourlog - by Mike Glasgow
The Ramblin' Man... - from Hello Sailor!, spring 1997
Guilding The Lilys - from SPINonline
The Lilys Blossom With Seductive... - from Rolling Stone, Dec. 12, 1996
Lysbeth Guillorn interviews Kurt Heasley - by Lysbeth Guillorn
Pick Of The Week - from Melody Maker, January 24, 1998
CHERRYBOMB Interview - by Thuc Doan Nguyen
Levi's Advert Article - removes you from website
How To Get A Cred In Advertising - from NME, January 1998
It's Pop Music... - from Melody Maker, January 1998
Returning With A New Album - from MTV Online NEW!
SOMA - October 1999NEW!

Reviews of Lilys Releases

'A Brief History...' review - by Andrew DuBois
'Eccsame the...' review - unknown online source
'Eccsame the...' review - from Alternative Press, May 1995
'Eccsame the...' review - from CMJ, March 1995
'Eccsame the...' review - unknown online source
'Which Studies...' review - by Keith McLachlan
'Returns Every...' 7" review -by Bill C.
'Better Can't...' review - by Ian Danzig
'Better Can't...' review - from CMJ, November 1996
'Better Can't...' review - from Alternative Press, December 1996
'Better Can't...' review - from Milk, by Jeff Norman
'Better Can't...' review - by Eric Wittmershaus
'Better Can't...' review - from The Big Takeover, Issue 40, by Michelle Briand
'Better Can't...' review - from The Big takeover, Issue 40, by Ben Szporluk
'Better Can't...' review - from The Washington Post, October 18, 1996
'Better Can't...' review - by Keith McLachlan
'Better Can't...' review - by Esther Yoon
'Better Can't...' review - by Matt Amundsen
'Better Can't...' review - from Baby Sue
'Better Can't...' review - from unknown online source
'Better Can't...' review - by Greg Bryan
'Better Can't...' review - by Iago
'Services For...' review - by Keith McLachlan
'Services For...' review - from Alternative Press, September 1997
'Services For...' review - by Jeff Norman
'Services For...' review - by Jon Gabriel, from Milkbone
'Better...' re-release review - by Eric San Juan
'The 3 Way' review - from CMJ
'The 3 Way' review - from CMJ
'The 3 Way' review - from SPIN
'The 3 Way' review - by Rolling Stone
'The 3 Way' review - by Iago
'The 3 Way' review - by Keith Phipps of the onion
'The 3 Way' review - by Jarin of Konketsu
'The 3 Way' review - from Entertainment Weekly NEW!
'The 3 Way' review - from NEW!
'The 3 Way' review - from SPIN NEW!
'The 3 Way' review - by Shawn McBride for NEW!
Bliss Out Volume 15 Review - from Vendetta by Bryan ThomasNEW!
'The 3 Way' review - from Magnet NEW!

Live Reviews

The Black Cat, Washington D.C 2/23/97 - reader contribution
Bottom of the Hill, San Fransisco, CA, 3/18/97 - unknown online source
The Blue Note, London, England, 2/10/98 - from NME, 12/2/98
The Acme Underground, New York, NY 4/29/98 - by Eric San Juan

Random Lilys Stuff

An Idiot's Review - unknown online source
Lilys on - from UseNet archives
Lilys on - from UseNet archives
Lilys on, Part 2 - from UseNet archives
Swirlies Interview Clip - unknown online source
A Lilys Story - By Tina Plottel
Lilys 'Services' Bio
Lilys 'Brief History' Bio



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