The Lilys in Amsterdam

Interviewed early 1996 at VPRO studios in Amsterdam

Lilys in Holland for the first time. The show at the Effenaar in Eindhoven fitted the band and their music perfectly. In the quite big complex which is the Effenaar, the organization had created a small comfortable room. There the band were allowed to do their thing, on a low podium, surrounded by white sheets. Right in the middle of some lovely light effects: red floodlights, blue strobes, an psychedelic oil projection, a mirrorball and to complete the picture a background projection of 'Alice in Wonderland'.

The band loved it. "Surreal. We still can't believe how well we've been treated by the people at the Effenaar. A lovely room, the best meal ever and then such a lovely decorated show! It was like we were performing the soundtrack for the movie", Kurt tells enthousiaticly. Kurt has a very captivating personality, he's a tall guy of about thirty with a tangled mop of hair, a painfully green sweater which is just a bit too tight and a pair of plastified Adidas shoes. He is an enthusiastic storyteller. Also on stage in between songs he behaves like a true standup comedian. At the Paradiso, where Lilys supported Skyscraper and Heavy Stereo: "I must apologize for I will not breakdance during the songs. I still haven't mastered playing guitar and breakdancing at the same time. I will show my ability to breakdance during the Heavy Stereo set."

Lilys have been around for years. Leader and brain Kurt started his band in the early nineties influenced by the music of My Bloody Valentine and sound in general. While shoegazing the band went into the musical history books as a prototype of a My Bloody Valentine-ripoff, although a very good one. Since the first record 'In the presence of nothing' the sound has changed dramatically. After a quiet period the Lilys have gone further back in time. Who puts on 'Better can't make your life better' will find her or himself in the late sixties, early seventies. Kurt: "But this isn't a step back in time out of nostalgia. I'm making this kind of music, because I'm intrigued by the sound of that time. Then there was so much experimentation going on and I think there is still enough room for my own experiments." Every time Lilys release another record they change all over, the lineup as well as the sound. Kurt: "I have no idea what we will do for the next record. Maybe go even further back in time. What do you think of the 'roaring thirties' or medieval music? Or maybe we'll even make an R&B record this time."

Kurt wasn't only impressed by the Effenaar, but also the building they stayed the night: the autonomous community 2B. Kurt: "They bought that building of the city of Eindhoven for the groundprice of four hundred thousand guilders and by working hard at it, they made it worth one point two million. That's something I appreciate." How much could the Lilys be worth? Kurt: "Eh.. Well an amount over 245 million dollars would be fine be me. Enough to start a small bank and do some investments. But I don't think the going rate for Kurts is that high. Oh well, I don't care much about the selling side of music. I know it's important to know how much our old records sold and how much the new one is going to sell. But it doesn't matter to me." Lilys have just made a deal with Warner outside the UK and it looks like they really like the band and are happy to put a lot of money into the Lilys. Kurt: "I have no idea what they are planning to do. But if they give me enough money for the next record I could make something very special." Is there something else you would like to do with all those millions? Kurt: "Oh, maybe buy a submarine. To use as a studio ofcourse, I've heard that the reverb of water is excellent."






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