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Here are some photos from a 2002 show: Noisepop Photos

Band Pics

- - -
band picture - from CMJ - from Alternative Press - promo shot from Che'

photo from Hello Sailor- - band promo photo
from Hello Sailor - promo shot from Che' - promo shot from Che'

photo from NME- -
from Mojo - Che promo - Sire promo -

Kurt Pics

picture from Alternative Press- photo from Alternative Press - - - -
from Alternative Press - from Alternative Press - NME - NME - NME - NME

from NME - courtesy of Che'

Live Pics

Lilys, live on stage- Lilys performing live - Kurt on stage - Lilys at The Blue Note
unknown online source - unknown online source - from Cherrybomb - from Cherrybomb

Misc Pics

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unknown online source - unknown online source - from Guitar Geek

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unknown online source - reader contribution - reader contribution




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