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Hi. It's been years since I updated this site (which I was surprised to see still gets 50 or so hits a day). Guess what? You've probably heard that Lilys are back with a new album due out 02/21/06 on Manifesto. It's called Everything Wrong Is Imaginary. new lineup. newish material. you can read all about it on the lilys myspace page: There are new tour dates and songs. Everything you could want. With lilys myspace and maybe even a proper website in the works, you'll probably hear even less from me. I enjoyed running this site and hope some people out there have enjoyed it as well. Remember, there are lots of great live tracks here and hopefully we can add more stuff with help from all of you. Back before blogs, this was my blog. It's cool how much things have changed over the years. When I first heard the lilys or any other band it was so hard to find info on them. The web made it easier, but only if someone took the time to make a website. Now most bands have a label website, a band website and multiple fansites, and all of these music blogs (stereogum is a favorite of mine) really make keeping track of things and hearing new stuff fun and exciting. So, buy the record when it comes out, drop by lilys myspace and tell them how excited you are and that you hope they come to a city near you. While you are out it, head over to itunes and buy any albums you are missing (you can even get the tim buckley tribute song strange feelin'. Oh, and lilys were on a soundtrack for a film called Waiting. I did not know.

MAGNET interview with Kurt Heasley
by Brian Howard

Precollection (released 05.20.03 on Manifesto) is the first entirely new lilys album since 1999's The 3-Way. 

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Here is a video clip of 365 (a Precollection song) from the Friday, April 25th show at Swarthmore College (courtesy of rec0rder)

  Flowers Without Roots (01.09.2001) by Bryan Thomas


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