Bottom of the Hill
San Fransisco, CA, 3/18/97

The Lilys
with Trackstar and Comet.

Reviewed by Scott Zimmerman.

As Keith hinted at in a previous live review, Comet have a tendency towards guitar monotony, but either I must not be so negatively affected by this as he, or Comet has improved a bit since January, because I thought this set was fairly groovy. Their space-pop guitar escapades were quite pleasant, and at times even moving. They're certainly not essential listening in my estimation, but you could do a lot worse.

Next up, the initially enjoyable Trackstar. Quick songs, loud guitars, and spastic stage antics sort of summarized this local group's set. However, ten minutes of this was quite enough for me. They perhaps had a real song here and there, but after awhile my anxiousness for the Lilys took over.

And yeah, the Lilys, they delivered. But mysteriously it seemed like there were perhaps only ten people at the show who were even half-way enthused about the band? Granted, these things can be hard to determine as perhaps everybody actually had their hands tied up by their cigarettes and alcohol, but song after song of perfect pop melodies over exhilirating rock and roll by the group with perhaps the greatest album of 1996 generally should elicit more crowd response? Oh well, I still had a good time hearing the bunches of new Lilys classics: "A Nanny in Manhattan," "Who Is Moving," "Shovel Into Spade Kit..." Pretty much the whole set of songs from the new LP were performed, along with an Apples in Stereo tune to start the set, and a few earlier Lilys works including their minor hit from a few years back, "Ginger." But with a lack of that "groovy audience vibe," I sort of went away from the show thinking pop must be dead as dead in San Francisco. I guess I'll just blame it on the Tuesday night.

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