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You are the hero (or heroine) to have come here since April 1st, 1999.

This page is decided to all the outcasts who become great, the underdogs whose tremendous inner spirits help them triumph over their oppressors, the courageous men who save people from evil, and the kings who lose their thrones, but have the strength to take them back again. They're all animated heroes. They overcome amazing odds, fight evil, save damsels in distress (even when she would rather not be called "damsel" and doesn't want to be saved. ;-)). and follow their hearts. That is what each of these heroes have in common, whether they are kings or beggars, dogs or cats, each has a courageous heart and the will to follow it.

Hero of the Month: John Smith

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Balto | Danny | Dean McCoppin | Dimitri | Garratt | Justin

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Jar Jar Binks

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Currently Featuring Miguel and Tulio from The Road To El Dorado!

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