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The Duchess of Hamilton Park

The Duchess Park in Avon Street
A place fir a' guid folk tae meet
A puttin' green it used tae hae
Wi' a green widen dookit yi used tae pay
Yir silver tanner fir a roond
Six o' ye  fir hauf a croon.

Auld men used tae play the draufs
Wi' lang hoop polls that lucked lic staffs
A hook apon yin end o' it
Tae lift the drauf tae make a hit
The board that sat doon in the grun
Wis twelve fit wide an' hunner pun.

A paddlin' pool wis also there
Weel used at the Glesca Fair
Aw'  aff the skill we wid be
Suntanned bairns runnin' free
Splashin' aboot an' hivin fun
Gloryin' in the summer sun.

A bon-staun stid wi'  pride o' place
Wi' trumpets blawin' in yir face,
The Sallyann played there a lot
Savin' souls wis whit they sot
Auld folk sat in circled rows
Heids bent furrit havin' a doze.

The toilets wir a sight tae see
No a nice place fir a wee
The smell wid hiv knocked yi doon
Stung yir e'en an' made yi swoon
Newspaper wis yir toilet roll
Washin' yir haunds in a filthy bowl.

The swings wir great fir ye tae go
A kid-on boat fir ye tae row,
Sea saws that went up an' doon
Roon a boots that spun yi roon
A shute that durted yir guid frook
A climbin' frame that wis ayewis brook.

Trees an' floors wir a' aboot
The perfumed smell hit licht a cloot
Dugs wir barkin' chasin' tails
Wumin' carrin' watter pails
Laddies cyclin', hauns in the air
It wis rare at the Glesca Fair.

By Anne MacGregor

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