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a'. all.
aback. behind
abeigh. at a distance.
abune. above.
acquent. acquainted.
ae. one.
aff. off.
agley. squinty
ahint. behind.
ain. own.
ajee. to one side.
alane. alone.
amaist. almost.
amang. among.
anither. another.
auld. old.
auld lang syne. long time ago.
Auld Reekie. Edinburgh.
awa'. away.
awfu'. awful.
aye. yes

bailie. alderman.
bainie. with large bones; muscular.
bairn. small child.
baith. both.
bamboozle. confuse.
bane. bone.
bannock. a round flat cake.
barefit. barefooted.
befa'. befall.
belang. belong.
bellyfu'. bellyful.
bethanket. grateful.
bickerin. quarreling.
bide. stay
blae. blue.
blaw. to boast; to blow.
bleth'rin. chattering
blearie. can't see for crying
blythe. happy.
bocket. vomited.
boggie. marshy; a small morass.
bogle. a hobgoblin.
bonie or bonnie. beautiful.
bother. annoy.
brae. the slope of a small hill.
brats. cheeky children.
braw. handsome.
brawly nicely done.
breeks. breeches.
brig. bridge.
brither. brother.
brock. a badger.
broo. liquid.
brose. bowl of oatmeal
bum-bees. bees.
but and ben. kitchen and livingroom.
by. beside.
byke. a wild bee's nest.
byre. a cow-house.

ca'd . called.
cadger. a hawker.
cairn. a loose heap of stones.
cauler. colder..
cankrie. bad tempered.
canna. cannot.
cannie. gentle; mild.
cannilie. warey.
cauld. cold.
chanter. the tune-pipe in a set of bagpipes.
chaup. knock( at the door)
chitterin. shivering with cold.
chows. chews.
clachan. a hamlet.
claes. clothes.
claith. cloth.
clarty. dirty.
clatter. sharp sounds.
cleekit. linked together.
clegs. gad-flies.
clouts. To hit.
collie. farm-dog.
corse. corpse.
cou'dna. could not.
coup. to heel over.
cozie snug.
craig. a high rock.
craw. to crow.
creep. to crawl.
cronie. old friend.
cuddle. to clasp fondly.

dad. father.
daft. stupid
dawds. large bits.
delve. to dig.
diddle. to jog a tune.
dinna. do not.
diz'n a dozen.
dochter. daughter.
doo. dove.
doodle. to dawdle.
dook. to duck.
doukit. ducked.
dour stubborn.
draigl't. very wet.
drap. a drop.
drappin'. dropping.
dreep. to ooze.
dreigh. tedious.
drouket. soaking wet.
drouth. thirst.
dunt. to poke.
dyke. a stone fence.


e'e. eye.
een. eyes.
e'en. even.
eerie. ghostly; fear-inspiring.
evermair. evermore.

fa'. fall.
fareweel. farewell.
fa'. fall.
faucht. fought.
faut. fault.
fear't. affrighted.
fecht. to fight.
fit. foot.
flee. a fly.
fling. to throw.
frae. from.
frien'. friend.

gaberlunzie. a beggar.
ga'e. gave.
gane. gone.
gie. to give.
gies. gives.
glaikit. stupid looking.
glint. to shine briefly.
gloamin'. half-dark; twilight.
glow'r. to stare.
gotten. got.
grannie. grandmother.
greet. to weep.
grieve. farm overseer.
grun'. the ground; ground.
gudefather. father-in-law.
Gude mornin'. Good morning.
gudemother. mother-in-law.
gudes. goods.
hae. have.
haen. had.
hae't. have it.
hag. an ugly witch.
haggis. an oatmeal pudding.
haivers. talk rubbish.
hale. whole.
hame. home.
hap. to cover over.
haud. hold.
hauf, half.
haughs. meadows.
haun. hand.
hersel'. herself.
hing. to hang.
hirple. walk haltingly.
hirplin'. limping.
hirsel. a flock of sheep.
hodden-grey. coarse grey woollen cloth.
howf. a dirty house.
howkit. digged.
hunkers. knees ( kneeling on the floor)
hurl. to throw.
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jag. to prick.
jingle. rhyme.
jumpit. jumped.
Jane Brown
Ode tae Rabbie
Ma Frien'The Robin
A Wean Cau'd Anne
kail. broth.
keckle. to cackle.
keek. to peep.
keekit. peeped.
kelpie. a water-demon.
ken. to know.
kent. knew.
kep. to catch.
kilt. short skirt.
kin. kindred.
kist. a chest.
kith. kindred.
kittle. hard (difficult)
knowe. a hillock.
knurl. a churl.
kye. cows.
kyte. the belly.
The Duchess of Hamilton Park
Me----- Cauld
Jimmy Gallacher
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Scottish Songs 2
laddie. lad.
lair. the grave.
laird. owner of land.
lang. long.
lav'rock. the lark.
lea-rig. grass ridge.
licks.get a beating.
lilt. a scottish tune.
linn. a waterfall
lint. flax.
lintie. the linnet.
lo'ed. loved.
loup. leap.
lug. the ear.
lum. chimney.
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Bits an' Bobs
mair. more.
maist. most
manse. minister's house.
maun. must.
mavis. the thrush.
maybe. perhaps.
merle. the blackbird.
midden. a hovel.
midge. a gnat.
mools. the grave.
mooth. mouth.
naebody. nobody.
naething. nothing.
nane. none.
neuk. nook.
nick. to cut.
noddle. brain.
onie. any.
oursel's. ourselves.
ower. over.
oxter. armpit.
poke. to prod.
pouch. pocket.
reek. smoke.
reel. to spin.
rin. run.
roun'. round.
runkled. wrinkled.
saft. soft.
sair. sore.
saul. soul.
saunt. saint.
saut. salt.
scone. a cake.
scrimp.just get by.
skelp. a slap.
skelpie-limmer. a female scold.
sleekit. sly.
snaw. snow.
sneck. latch of a door.
sonsie jolly.
soor. sour.
souk. to suck.
souter. a shoemaker.
stane. a stone.
stourie. dusty.
tackets. shoe-nails.
tae. toe.
ta'en. taken.
thankfu'. thankful.
themsel's. themselves.
thole. endure.
thrapple. throat.
thrawn. stubborn.
thud. a thump.
tither. other..
toddle. to walk slowly.
toun. town.
twang. twinge.
unco. strange.
unskaith'd. unhurt.
wa'. wall.
wabster. weaver.
wadna. would not.
wallop. to whip.
wan. won.
wasna. was not.
weans. children.
wearie. exhausted.
wecht. weight.
wee. little.
weel. well.
wha. who.
whingin'. complaining; fretting.
whins. gorse.
wi'. with.
winna. will not.
ingle. the fireside.
isna. is not.
ither. other.
itsel'. itself.
yon. yonder.
yoursel'. yourself.
Those who inhabit the North are more rude, homely and unruly, and for this reason are called "wild". They wear like the Irish a large and full shirt, coloured with saffron, and over this a garment hanging to the knee, of coarse wool, after the fashion of a cassock."-1583, Nicolay d'Arfeville.
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