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Ma Granfaither de'ed when a' wis a' wean
A' remember it weel, it wis pourin wi' rain,
Ma heid got so wet, the rest o' me tae
Thinkin' aboot that far of day.

Tears wir fleein' as fast as the rain
Ma faither's strang face hid his awfy pain,
His e'en coudna' hide it; He jist coudna' see
So he silently stid ahint the big tree.

The menister stid wi' a book in his haun
Bleatherin' aboot Granfaither's new dawn,
Whit wis he sayin' it didna' make sense
Granfaither wis de'ed : Wis he really that dense.

Ma haun got pult as a' looked doon the hole
A' wis looking aboot fur ma Granfaither's soul,
How could it git oot o' the durt an' the muck
Dae ye hiv yin onywa': Wis it jist yir luck.

A' watched a' waited ma hert pumpin fast
Fur a sign that telt me Granfaither's soul hud past,
A' wonert an' wonert tae ma heid got sae sair
When a' herd someone sayin', He's better off there.

An' where, Wis There, sharly no doon thon hole
As they shovelled the durt on tap o' his soul,
A' sterted tae greet, it didna' luck braw
Ma arm got pult,: It wis ma Maw.

She wiped ma tears wi' the back o' her haun
An' showed me where a' hid tae staun,
Well back fae the hole in case a' fell doon
Rememberin' Airbles Road at the fit o' the toon.

By Anne MacGregor year 2001

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