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Situated on the western edge of a treacherous ravine, Dalzell is a much altered and extended castle of which the earliest portion dates from the 15th century, added to at various times until now forming a courtyard. There remains a section of moat guarding the western approach to the main entrance.

The oldest section is a three storey keep of the 15th century, with corbelled out parapet and modernised garret. Measuring 39ft by 32ft, and 48ft to the parapet, there is an unusual buttress like projection in the south west corner. This was 2.75ft deep and 17ft wide, and had the original entrance at its centre. There was a portcullis, for which the grooves remain, guarding the door.

The basement was vaulted, as was the hall on the first floor above. The hall has corbels projecting from the wall, suggesting an intermediate wooden floor dividing the room into two storeys. The second floor had mural chambers and galleries.

A straight mural stair from the entrance led up to the first floor, and a turnpike continues from there to the storeys above. The parapet was of chequered corbel supporting open rounds at the corners.

In the seventeenth century extensions were added to the north and south of the keep, and westward from the southern end of the south extension. This completed two sides of a rectangle, the other sides enclosed by a wall, parts of which remain. The extension provided a vaulted kitchen with vaulted cellar space below. There are shot holes throughout.

For three years from 1857 the famed architect R.W.Billings lived in the castle, as he designed and built the northern wing. This was built to sympathise with the older structures, which he greatly altered in the process, leaving the structure we see today. His alterations included enlarging the windows of the keep, moving the main entrance to a central position on the west wall, and building a wing out from the south wall to overlook the terraced gardens. He also added a wall along the edge of the ravine and from there along the southern front encasing the gardens until reaching the moat at the western approach. A well was introduced within the courtyard.

In recent years the structure has been renovated for use as private flats.

The estate belonged to the Dalziel Earls of Carnwath from the 13th century. In 1649 it was sold to Hamilton of Boggs. This family became Lords Hamilton of Dalzell.
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