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A' am born an' bred frae a wee Scottish Toon
A remember the days when hauf a croon,
Cou'd buy a wean mony a Lucky Bag
Whoppers an Dainties an a Sweetie Fag,
Parma Vilots wi' a taste o' its ain
Pokie Hats that windna' keep oot the rain,
Sookers, Soor Plooms an Gob Stoppers tae
Made yir mooth watter ; nay wurds cou'd ye say,
Yir cheeks a' clapt in, Yir breath tain awa
As ye rummilt in yir pokit fir a wee Sherbit Straw,
Floral Gums that tasted like floors
Fryin'Pan Lollies that lased fir oors,
Jelly Babies, a' the heids bitten off
Aniseed Baws that made ye coff,
Midgit Gems fir a' the wee folk
Bags o' Mixed Boilin's in a totty broon poke,
Sma' Cherry Lips that turn'd yir gob pink
ABC.s, Mojos and an' Ice Froze Drink,
Barley Sugar sticks that widna' sook din
An' mony a day ended up in the bin,
Jelly Beans, Jap Deserts an' Sherbit Dips
Love Hearts, Imps an' Cinamin Strips,
Sugar Ally Bars left sokin' in watter
Tasted sae guid; The shade dinna' matter,
Chicklets , Spangles, an' Jelly Joub Joubs
Dolly Mixtures, Blackjacks an' Smartie Tubes,
White Bon Bons dusted wi' icin'
Pink Rosebuds looked awfy inticin,
Highland Toffee wi' a photy o' a coo
Yi cupped yir hauns tae hauf  it in two,
Flyin' Saucers that fizzed in yir mooth
Hame made Lemonade that sortid yir drooth,
Pink an' broon Smokers, yir teeth nearly broke
An' got stuck in yir throat;  it wisnae' a joke,
Lolly Pops that lasted sae lang
Shoved in yir cheek as the Skill bell rang,
Licorous Laces that streached roon an' roon
Acid Drops that made a wean's tears fa' doon
Lucky Tatties wi' a trinkit inside
Those wir the days we a' cou'd abide.

By Anne MacGregor year2001

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