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Old and New Photographs of Motherwell
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Motherwell History
The Cross of dalziel consisted of two large upright stones placed close together with a lateral projection near the top, forming the appearance of a cross.
It was situated at the top of Brandon Street joining Crosshill Street,
The Baron of Dalziel held jurisdiction, he usually had the right of pit and gallows- that is, he could sentence to death by hanging or drowning, the latter being the fate of females sentenced to death, and also carry out the sentence on the culprits found in his jurisdiction.
This right was not abolished ubtil afer the Rebellion of 1745
Motherwell Football
Built around 1450
Dalzell House
The Old Peal Tower
the early dwelling place of th Dalziel's
The walls are 8' thick and 20' high
Origionally it had no doors on the ground level visitors and inmates were pulled up and lowered down
Old and New Photographs of Motherwell
Stories Of Motherwell
The Auld Manse Cemetery
South Dalziel Church Motherwell
Dalziel Estate
Stastical Account
Dalziel Parish
Statistical Account Parish  Dalziel
The Auld Manse Graveyard
                  Clyde Bridge
between Motherwell and Hamilton
The Covenanters Graveyard
The Covenanters Oak
Jane Brown
Ode tae Rabbie
Ma Frien'The Robin St Patricks Well
(near the old Church)
Dalziel Estate
Lord Hamilton erected the wellhead, the stone reads 1723 this stone came from an old alcove or Bower built by the Laird about that date near the site of the Roman Camp.
A Wean Cau'd Anne
The Duchess of Hamilton Park
The West of Scotland Iron Company.
followed by The Glasgow Iron and Steel Company.
to be followed by David Colville and Sons., Ltd Lanarkshire Steel Co. Ltd., and many others.
Me----- Cauld
Jimmy Gallacher
Other Poets
David Wingate Collier Poet
Scottish Songs
Scottish Songs 2
Scottish Songs 3
Irish Songs
Old castle
Jerviston Keep overlooked the road from Edinburgh to Ayrshire, which passed fron Carfin across fields to the Cobbleton Plantation, crossing the Calder River below the Keep, and then passing Milton Farm House and Ladywell until it crosed the Clyde at the Ford to the village of Netherton of Hamilton.
Irish Songs 2
Old Clyde Bridge
It is nlikely hat thr Romans built it, but it is a very old bridge and is a copy of Roman Bridges
Old Scottish Words   In Use Today
Parliamo Glasgow
Old Map of Scotland
Bits an' Bobs
Communion Cups for the Auld Manse
Made of Gold height 8 3/16th inches; diameter of the bowl
4 1/4 inches; depth of the bowl 4 inches, and diameter of the foot is 3 13/16th inches.
The Inscription is:-Communion Cups for the Church of Dalziel, Mr Alexander Adamson being the minister, 1723
The hallmark is for 1723/24 and were made by Colin Campbell who was admitted in 1718, and who's
's name punch they bear, as also the punch of Edward Penman, Assaymaster and the date letter of 1723/24
St Magarets Well
Probably in the grounds of Dalzell House
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