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On 13th August 1670 the government declared that conventicles, or meetings in the fields were illegal and it was a capital offence to attend these. The authorities were concerned that these were becoming a hot-bed of revolutionary ideas. The vast outdoor assemblies were being thrilled by the preacher's words of fiery defiance and doom-laden prophecy. However the Presbyterians defied them and held secret religious meetings in the hills, usually with a circle of lookouts, often armed, posted around the site to watch for approaching dragoons. There were many bloody skirmishes amongst the bare lowland landscape. This was a time of legends, of the soldiers fun in throwing women in pits full of snakes, of men hanged on their own door lintels.
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The Covenanters Oak

The big oak stauns abin the wid
On Sunday morn' auld Lauder stid
Preachin' tae the true an' guid
Covenanters yin an' a'.

Auld men stid wi' heids bent furret
In the wids the rabbits skurret
Auld wifes wrung their hauns an' worrit
Covenanters yin an' a'.

Weens wir runnin roon an roon
Jumpin up an sittin' doon
Playin' prayin' singin' a toon
Covenanters yin an' a'.

Young men came wi' swords an' shields
Lookoots staunin' in the fields,
Watchin' oot fur a' their weels
Covenanters yin an' a'.

The test o' oath wis no' fur them
Nor bowin' tae King Charlies name
Not yin o' them wid play their game
Covenanters yin an' a'.

Dragoons were merchin' seekin' oot
Presbyterians an' a'  wha' stid aboot
Defyin' the croon an' staunin stoot
Covenanters yin an' a'.

The big oaks branches touch the sky
Streachin' oot tae him up high
Protectin' them that staun say nigh
Covenanters yin an' a'.

By Anne MacGregor year 2001

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The Covenanters Oak
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In the 1700s the Covenenters stood below it the Rev Lauder conducted Sunday worship under it.
As the Covenenters were outlaws they were not able to attend regular Church.
Some of my Ancestors were Covenenters
Further along the river Clyde is the Covenenters graveyard.
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