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         A Wean Cau'd Anne

When a  wis wee a used tae play
Ben the back an' doon the brae,
Twa sisters had tae bide wi' me
An' watch ow'r me: A wean sae wee.

Ma Mither telt them take oor Anne
Oot wi' her new dolly's pram,
Take her roon tae Paddy's swings
An' let her play on a' the things.

Dinna let her guid coat git mockit
Ye ken weel ye'll git whits  furit,
Tae the swing park we wid go
An' on the swings I tried tae row.

A wis too wee the punt ma se'll
Push me Issy or ill tell,
Ma Mither that yir bad tae me
Ye'll git it Issy; Wait an see.

Ma swing went up higher an' higher
Nearly ow'r the bar: Am no a liar,
When fright hud got the better o' me
A let go; A felt fair free.

A hit the grun ma body hurt
A scraped ma face alang the durt,
Hauns an' knees they stung richt sair
Ma guid coat waisted: It wisna' fair.

Oor Issy shouted oot tae Jean
Ma hauns an' face she tried tae clean,
Come ow'r quick an' see oor Anne
One look at me she turned an' ran.

Doon tae ma Aunties shop she skurrit
Me an' oor Issy fairly hurrit,
Tears wir runnin doon ma face
A stung mare sair: Wis this a race.

Ma auntie sat me on the table
She calmed me doon as she wis able,
She washed ma face an' hauns an' coat
Their noo lass ye look new bocht.

Afore a could say a thing
Ma sisters hauns began tae ring,
At the thoucht o' whit ma Mither wid dae
An' whit ma Mither wis goin' tae say.

They said oot loud fir a' tae hear
Their voices echoin' wi' fear,
Ma Mither will shout at us nae doot
An' hit us wi' her great big cloot.

A sat wied e'ed an' smiled wi' glee
At the thought o' whit a' wis aboot tae see,
Ma Mither ladelin' intae them
Noo this WIS; Ma kind o' game.

By Anne MacGregor year 2001

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