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             Ode Tae Rabbie

Lang ago when times were hard
Rabbie Burns wis oor Bard,
He wrote aboot his life an' times
Wi' wit an' charm, in verse an' rhyme,
He took the time his words tae grace
This chieftain o' the puddin' race.

Alloway wis his birthplace toon
Wi' beasties runnin roon an' roon,
He watched them as he ploughed his field
Within his hauns their fate wis sealed,
Jist like his ain fate wis tae be
Sealed thru a' eternity.

Oor Rabbie wis an awfy lad
So many wimin he said he had
Agnes, Jean an' Mary tae
Wir his wimin o' the day,
In his company tae enjoy
Rabbie Burns - whit a boy.

He liked a dram oor Rabbie did
He had a hauf where ere he stid,
He telt aboot his excise days
An' pair hard workin' folks lowly pays,
A man o' the people that he wis
Fir Auld Lang Syne :An' o' that: Lives.

By Anne MacGregor year 2001

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