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The best way to navigate this site might be from right here. You can find all the pages listed below. You can also go to the family tree page, and click on names there, to see the structure of the relationships and get to the individual histories. Finally, you can search the site by using the Pico search engine.

This page is relatively Plucker-friendly: the links have Plucker commands buried in them. You should be able to point Plucker at this page, and have it download the genealogy portion of the site.



This category is made up of things which didn't fit anywhere else.

Family notes

This category has notes on the families I'm researching. These pages are where I put the information people send me, raw notes, et cetera.

Individual Histories

These pages are the notes I have on individuals in my ancestory. This is where I put detailed information, and tie it together.

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