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I have found that Joseph B Thomlinson and Mary Meadows had a child (their 9th) on 12 April 1884. That suggests that (assuming that George, young Joseph B and James W were her children) they had at least 6 children after James W. This comes from online Missouri state birth records.

This information comes from Jean Hubler, who kindly looked it up for me, and posted it here. My comments are in this color.

This is all I can find.

In 1920 there was a James H. Thomlinson, born 1896, in MO, single, living in Franklin Co. KS - he was a boarder on a farm. This must have been shortly (i.e., less than 2 years) before he went to Iowa and married Myrtle Turgeon.

Nothing on him in 1910.

1900 census - Grandy, Newton Co. MO, 11 June 1900, sheet 13
Thomlinson, James, born May 1866, 34, married 9 yrs., born in MO, father in MO and mother in MS; Miner Since James Harrison worked as a lead miner for a time, it seems plausible that his father was also a miner. This is the James W. we will see in 1870.
Mary, Oct. 1873, 26, 4 children with 4 living; MO OH OH
Joseph B., Nov. 1891, 8, MO
Dora M., Dec. 1893, 6, MO
James H., Apr. 1896, 4, MO This is my grandfather.
Jesse W., Apr. 1899, 1, MO
Phillips, Brice, father inlaw, March 1841, 59, widower, laborer, born in OH and parents in MD (more on him later)

In 1910 there was a James Thomlinson, 43, divorced, born in MO, father in MO and mother in TN - living in Granby, Newton MO. He was living with the James Stites family.
He was listed as a brother inlaw. He was a miner.
Married at age 25, divorced by age 43, in a time when divorce was frowned upon. It looks as if being a bad father ran in the family. The problem didn't extend past James Harrison's generation: both my father and my uncle remained with their families, and the families liked it that way.

In 1910 - Mary A. Tomlinson, (Note the missing ``h'' from ``Thomlinson''. Did the Census Taker slip up, or had she dropped it?) 36, single, mother of 4, born in MO and parents in OH living with her 11 year old son,Jessie, in Mineral Twp., Jasper Co. MO (page 11B).
I can not locate the older children -- Joseph, Dora and James H. This almost surely my great-grandmother, after her separation.

Now to 1870 and the family of the elder James Thomlinson:

1870 census - Granby Twp., Newton Co. MO, 11 Aug. 1870, page 12
Thomlinson, Jos. B., 40, farmer, born in VA This would be my great-great-grandfather.
Mary, 24, MO ( at least the 2nd wife) Probably not my great-great-grandmother, unless they lived in sin and scandal for years before the wedding.
Harris M., 19, MO
Jessie R., 15 (male), MO
Martha E., 13, MO
George, 8, MO
Joseph B., 5, MO
James W., 3, MO Here's great-grandpa. What does the W. stand for?
Per records on the internet: Joseph B. Thomlinson married Mary E. Meador or Meadow on 4 April 1870 in Newton County MO. Just who was the mother of the above children?? Indeed, even if he'd married her after they'd lived in sin for a while (unlikely in those more sensible times), Mary couldn't be mother to most of the brood.

1880 census -Daviess Co. MO, 14 June 1880, P20B
Phillips, Brice (name was transcribed as Bruce), 39, farmer, OH OH OH Another great-great-grandpa, father of Mary Phillips.
Sarah, 33, OH PA PA
Joahna, 12, OH
Mary, 6, MO This was James Harrison's mother, my great-grandmother.
Dan, 4, MO
Llewellyn, 1, MO

Can not find this family in 1870

1860 census - Pike, Knox OH, 30 June 1860, page 252
Bruce (that is the way the name was written) Philips, 55, farmer, born in MD. Great-Great-Great-Grandpa Phillips.
Hener, 53, MD
Simon, 23, OH, laborer
Mary, 21, OH
Bruce Jr., 18, laborer, OH This is Great-Great-Grandpa Phillips in his younger days, father of Mary Phillips.
Hener, 15, OH

1850 - Pike, Knox OH 18 Aug. 1850, page 319
Brice Phillips, 45, farmer, born MDGreat-Great-Great-Grandpa Phillips.
Honora, 43, MD
among other children was son Brice, age 9, born OH

Hope this helps. It really does help. Thanks, Jean.

Jean Hubler - volunteer - not related to the above

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