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This information is written out on a sheet of stationary from
The Wattsburg House
H. W. Parker, Proprietor
Livery in connection
Williamsburg, Pa, Jan 28, 1906

It appears to be a list of the children of Florence Prince, born 2 August 1860.

These children were with Mr. Waite.
Name Born Died Comments
Albert Pearl 13 August 1875 Unknown
Maud May 12 February 1878 Unknown
Arthur Ray 10 July 1880 Unknown
Eva Bell 2 October 188(9?) Unknown

These are the children by her second husband, Villeroy W Davis, born 29 March 1843.
Name Born Died Comments
Blanche ?? 2 September 1893
Bessie Ella 19 October 1898 1984

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