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These notes were written by Marie Smith on 9 August 1946. Mom (Virginia Smith Tomlinson) got these from someone in the family in the 1980s (probably from Grandpa?).

Family of Neils M and Frances Smith

Father and mother married June - 3 - 1869

Name Born Died Comments
Niels Mads Smith 12 March 1841 Sunday, 21 November 1926 Born in a town in Denmark near the border with Germany. Had changed his name from Schmidt to Smith before 1894, since his name appears as Smith in a Sanilac County land record book in that year.
Frances M Smith 4 February 1851 7 December 1919 SAid to be French, though we don't yet know if that was French-Canadian or French, or American with French parents.
Anna 1 June 1870 Wednesday, 25 June, 1935
Carolina 27 February 1872 July 1875
Marie 12 July 1874 Unknown. Twin sister to Louise, below.
Louise 12 July 1874 July 1875 Twin sister to Marie, above. Died about the same time as Carolina?
Lina 19 May 1876 26 May 1932 Death date was originally written as 27, then scratched out and listed as 26, with initial V. (probably Virginia Smith Tomlinson).
Mads F(or T?) 3 August 1878 Unknown. This was ``Uncle Matt''.
Niels J 15 March 1881 22 January 1943
William M 2 October 18861 September 1981, The date and place of death was a later addition, probably by Virginia Smith Tomlinson.
Amble Edwin 26 September 1888 18 MAy 1980 My grandfather.

Children of Niels and Frances M Smith

Name Born Died Comments
 Brother Mads' Family
Wife: Pauline 11 November 1883 Unknown Marriage date unknown.
Margeret 4 June 1915 Unknown
Brother William's Family
Wife:Anna 30 September 1897 2 August 1983 Marlette, Mi. Time and place of death added later.

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