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That's great!

As I say on my page on reciprocal links, trading links will help your website and mine be more visible to people using the search engines.

Here's how to do it:

First, place a link to one of my pages at some appropriate place on your site. For example, to link to my homeschooling bibliography, you can use the following suggested html code:

<a alt="Annotated bibliography of research on homeschooling" title="Annotated bibliography of research on homeschooling" href="research.bibliography.html">Annotated bibliography of research on homeschooling</a> An annotated bibliography of peer-reviewed research and dissertations of interest to homeschoolers.
To link to my homepage, you could use the following:
<a alt="A homeschooled, homeschooling, Alaskan economist." title="A homeschooled, homeschooling Alaskan economist." href="research.bibliography.html">Nels Tomlinson</a> An Alaskan economist and homeschooling father. Nels' homepage has information on homeschooling in Alaska, and some of his other interests.

Second, send me an email at, or use the little form to do the same thing. Either way, be sure to let me know which of my pages you linked to, and to give me a brief description of your site to go with my link to you. Also, please give me the email address you'd like me to use to notify you if I have to change a url and break your link.

Finally, I'll put your link on my reciprocal links page. I'll also take a look at your page, and see if I can sensibly work a link to it into one of my pages.

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Notify me of changes at this address:
Brief description of your site, for me to put on my reciprocal links page.

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