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Table of Contents

The list was getting entirely too long to navigate strictly by scrolling! If you want to scroll, the list is in row-major order: read across then down.
Boatbuilding Info about Microsoft
Problems with the metric system. Online Journals
Professional Societies The LaTeX system
The extensible, self-documenting editor: emacs Investment sites.
Information on Global Warming Online Libraries
The Linux Operating System The R Programming Language
Lisp and Maxima Useful Sites for Research
Mathematical Stuff Links about Guns
Various Bibliographies Computer History
Calculators The Goon Show Scripts and mp3s.
Recreational Math Miscellaneous Fascinating Stuff
Numeric Analysis Website Building Stuff

Boatbuilding bookmarks

NACA 4 digit airfoils, and the 5 and 6 digit foils. Where they came from, and how to compute their shapes.
A complementary explanation of the NACA sections. You'll want this one to help make sense of the first.
A NACA 4 digit airfoil generator, with a link to a 5 digit generator. These give a set of points which outline the foil.
Links to sailboat technology articles. Loads of links on aerodynamics, hydrodynamics, and goodness-only-knows what else.
ABS Rules for steel boats under 295 feet.
Ayam A Libre (BSD-licensed) Rhino-like program.
Unfold A program which unfolds (flattens) 3-d shapes to 2-d.
Developable Surfaces Modeled by Differential Equations and Flat Plate Layouts This and the next are by the same author, about the techniques behind the technology. How computers (or you) can make a developable surface, and how to expand it.
Computer Aided Design of developable surfaces. A Masters Thesis on the subject.
Gavin Atkins' boatbuilding links. An amazing compendium of really current and useful stuff.
The Mother of all Maritime Links Aptly named. If it's about boats, it's in here. If you can find it.
Craig O'Donnel's Cheap Pages Information on junks, boatbuilding, proas and bamboo, plus all sorts of other stuff.
Tom MacNaughton's website I remember his articles in the old Small Boat Journal. Now he's a big-time designer, with a mail-order design school.
Folding Kayak Builder's Manual. Everything you need to know about building a real, solid, folding kayak which should rival the Folboats and Kleppers, for a whole lot less money. Neat.
Specifications for one of their boats


These next three links are all to the same site, but seem worth separating.
Draw Holograms by Hand. Yes, they're really holograms, and yes, you really can.
Hand-drawn holograms: how are they holographic?
Drawing holograms by hand. More details.
Hand-Drawn Hologram FAQ
Now, some other sites:
The MedCosm Computer Generated Hologram (CGH) Construction Kit This tells how to print out (crude) holograms on your laser printer. It includes source code.
History of holograms. A commercial site.

What's Wrong with Microsoft Software?


Excel XP still has the same old bugs. We still have to be careful, if we use Excel for statistics.
Some data, and conclusions, on Excel. The gist of it is that while many users will never get tripped up, there are real problems, which can bite you.
What's wrong with Excel? A pdf which gives some reasons why Excel shouldn't be used for teaching Statistics.
Use the right tool for the job. A clever picture.
Another look at Excel. The gist of this one is, again, that many folks can get by with Excel, but, again, it can turn on you. This also includes some links to guides to using Excel, if you choose to.
Problems with NT, including Win2k. The authors find that there is a basic flaw in the Wind32 API.
This paper shows Win2k and NT4 in a better light. The NT series is clearly more reliable than the Win9X series, but may not be worse than Linux (in 2000).

Why the metric system is not a panacea

The worshippers of the metric system claim that their system is in every way superior to every alternative. It doesn't take much reflection to see that's as goofy as claiming that it is worse than every alternative. The SI is fine for electrical engineering, subatomic physics and astronomy, but for the things humanity has been doing since the stone age, the measurement systems which have evolved over thousands of years are optimal. Here are some links to tales and facts which show that an all-metric system is at least as bad as a completely non-metric system.

British Weights and Measures Association A British group trying to apply a little good sense to the rush to ``metrify''.
The Yardstick A British anti-metrification newsletter. This issue has an article which gives a great many instances of how the Europeans are either retaining or reinventing their traditional systems of measurement, because the metric system is unsuited to daily life.
Metric Land Joan Pontius' essay on life with metric measurement, and how the Belgians are reinventing their traditional systems of measurement, as they learn that the metric system just doesn't fit.
Why I Don't Like the Metric System Jeff Lewis explains how it is that the metric system can be inferior to the traditional system for some common uses.
Unit Systems A nifty site which details a great many traditional systems of measurement. It's interesting to note how few of them are metric.
Trouble with the metric system An Australian devote of the SI explains why the metric system isn't suited to carpentry.
Freedom2Measure A site with some facts and arguments about traditional measurement systems and the SI.
Inch Someone with too much time on his hands fulminates against the metric system. A fair part of it is good reading.
Conversion factors. If this isn't all of them, it must be close.

News and Rumor Sites

Root Prompt -- Nothing but Unix
Slashdot: News for nerds, stuff that matters
[fmII] - welcome to
Ars Technica: The PC enthusiast's resource
The Register

Online Journals

Journal of Statistical Software
Welcome to Spectrum Online
Economics Bulletin
Welcome to the ELSSS (ELectronic Society for Social Scientists)
Digial Scientific Journals
Journal of Machine Learning Research Homepage
Journal of Artificial Intelligence Research
First Monday

Professional Societies

Alaska Chapter of the ASA.
American Statistical Association home page, Amstat Online
Institute of Mathematical Statistics

Open Source, Open Research

Information Wants to be Valuable
Why Open Source in Schools
Linux in Higher Education: Open Source, Open Minds, Social Justice


Index of /~engberg/home_export_share_TeXdoc/source/latex
BibTeX Tools
Emacs BibTeX Mode
Index of /~oetiker/lshort
Preparing LaTeX documents for the World-Wide Web
Using Type 1 Fonts in LaTeX and Making .pdf Files
BibTeX bibliography tools
The TeX Catalogue OnLine, Alphabetic CTAN Edition


Emacs tips
Emacs Lisp Archive
lofgren's bookmarks: Emacs
Index of /pub/src/emacs
Software: Emacs Lisp
Dzu's Grabbag
Emacs Lisp List
The Craft of Text Editing by Craig A. Finseth
Multics Emacs History/Design/Implementation
What is this all about ?
Will Mengarini's home page

Computer parts

These are sites where I have looked for parts. I haven't bought from most of them, and have no idea about whether they're reputable, or whether they have good prices, or good service.

Corsair Microsystems
Announcing 150 MHz 512 MByte SDRAM DIMMs
Notebook ICs, Notebook Parts
Nationwide Electronics Inc.
Practically Networked Home
Memory - SIMM, DIMM, 72-Pin, 30-Pin, 168-Pin, EDO, Parity, Non-Parity
CD / CDR / DVD Drives

Investment Sites

Bondsonline:� Your source for fixed income investing.
Completing and Submitting Your Paper Tender
EF Moody, Financial Planner, Instructor, Expert Witness
Vanguard Group Homepage
Charles Schwab Customer Center
Northwestern Mutual: The Longevity Game

Global Warming

This section was starting to look too much like a web page in it's own right, so I've split it out. You'll find those annotated links, and maybe a bit of commentary, on my page of links to articles and data on global warming.

Open Libraries

Also see the link to Cannonical Tomes, below.

Bible Stuff

Christian Classics Ethereal Library
UC Berkeley Digital Library Project
Nupedia, the free encyclopedia
Wikipedia: HomePage
Bibliomania: Free Online Literature and Study Guides
UT Library Online - Electronic Books
The Online Books Page: Book Listings -- Welcome to the O'Reilly Open Books Project
Lib.Ru: Russian prose and science fiction in English translation The Strugatskis, and several others.
Russian science fiction An English-language, online book club, concentrating on Russian Science Fiction.
Alex Catalogue of Electronic Texts
O'Reilly Network: Open Source and the Obligation to Recycle [January 03, 2002]
Ju Rao's Homepage: Computer Books
Baen Free Library

Linux sites

Linux for Children

Setup of Linux for children
Linux For Kids!
Tux Typing from Digital Monkey Software : Downloads


IDA - Interchange of Data between Administrations
IBM Server Heist

Linux on older machines. Reviews of some Linux distributions which might be suitable for older 486s, and lots of appropriate links.
Linux Journal
Scientific Applications on Linux (SAL)
SEUL - Simple End User Linux
Linux Documentation Project daily updates page
Meerkat: An Open Wire Service
Suggested Printers for Free Software Users
Debian Planet
Various UNOFFICIAL sources for APT
developerWorks: Linux | Security : Improving the security of open UNIX platforms
Technology Associates: VersaLux-PR2
CueCat driver for the Linux kernel (tm) - The source for quick reference cards


Bookmarks pertaining to the R programming language.

StatsRUs: the R tip sheet
ht://Dig WWW Search R help, etc
The Comprehensive R Archive Network
The Comprehensive R Archive Network: German Mirror
Building R for Windows
R-taskhelp: Ecology
S Compiler Main Page
Some Free Public Health Software
The R Project for Statistical Computing
Home page for Qhull

Lisp and Maxima

Franz Inc: Allegro Common Lisp and Common Lisp Products
Lisp as an Alternative to Java
XLISP Home Page
William Schelter's home page
Maxima for Symbolic Computation Program
Cliki : index
Lisp-Stat Information
Lisp as an Alternative to Java
Lisp Resources
FoRK Archive: Lisp, the secret weapon.
[email protected]
Erann Gat's Home Page
CLiki : cclan
cCLan - info page
Common Lisp info
The Association of Lisp Users
P.S.: More Than Just Words

Research Search Sites

ResearchIndex [CiteSeer]
Queries through SQL
Word Search

Fascinating Miscellany


Recreational Math

Interactive Mathematics Miscellany and Puzzles

Favorite Mathematical Constants
Opinions of Doron Zeilberger Well, I think a lot of his opinions are about math, and he is a mathematician. This is the best pigeon hole I could find for this one.
The Math Forum Home Page
Mr Heitmann's Mega Math Resources 2001-2002 - Mathematician Trading Cards
Eric Weisstein's World of Mathematics


Translated version of There is nothing exceptional about this site, except that it's in French, and apparently in France. The link takes you to a translation, thanks to Google.


Nelson H. F. Beebe's Bibliographies Page
Crypto Bibliography

Computer History

MaxFrame Corporation CP/M - Dr. Gary A. Kildall [BYTE]
MaxFrame Corporation History of MS-DOS
The PDP-11 Unix Preservation Society
The Unofficial CP/M Web Site
Classic Computing dot com - The home for computer history nostalgia and computer collecting
The FreeDOS Project | Welcome!
John Allen's Z88 Pages
DOS Games Archive: download free MS-DOS games


Eric's Pocket Calculator collection
Calculating Machines


The HP-41 Archive Website
Support these guys; buy their web site on CD! It's a good deal. HP41C Pages
Jake Schwartz Page
HP Calculator Simulations
HP Calculator Emulators for the PC
Hewlett-Packard Calculators
index de la partie anglais (ppc-t)
HP Calcs

TI Calculators

TI59 Programmable Calculator Hardware
Welcome -


These are links to scripts and mp3s of the Goon show, a BBC comedy from the '50s and '60s. It's an excellent test of hearing comprehension: if you can understand what they're saying, you can understand English.

Goon Show Downloads Periodically, they put up a few shows, so check back often (monthly, or so).
U.S. Goon Show Archives
Index of
U.S. Archives - The Goon Characters
The Goon Show Depository
The Goon Show Depository (GSD)
Robert Dickson's Goon Show Page
Goon Show MP3 Page Goon Show
Robert Dickson's Goon Show MP3 Page
Goon but Not Forgotten
The Goon Show
Open Directory - Regional: Europe: United Kingdom: Arts and Entertainment: Radio: Programmes and Presenters: Goon Show, The
GOON SHOW Information page

Miscellaneous Fascinating Stuff

The Effects of Moore's Law and Slacking on Large Computations A humorous paper which makes an excellent point: if your comptation runs too slowly on todays equipment (i.e., takes years to complete), the computation can be finished earlier by starting it later, on a faster machine. Really. How long should you wait before buying that faster machine? that's the optimal slack time.
Welcome to CanonicalTomes This doesn't belong under the Online Libraries heading, since the texts themselves aren't available there. However, it's an interesting set of pointers to the classic texts in many fields.
Subject index of Alternate View columns by John G. Cramer
Don Knuth's Home Page
Credit Card Check Digit Validation
The Week in Chess
Pitt Chess Archives
Security and Encryption FAQ Revision 14
Wortlisten 2400x1200 pixels
Roaring Rockets - The Space Hero Files II
Urban Legends Reference Pages
Index of /apod/image/0011

Numerical Analysis

Welcome to the OVPIT AFS Cell
Numerical C programs on the net
Why not use Numerical Recipes?
Alternatives to Numerical Recipes
NA-Net Home Page


Numerical methods
Automatically Tuned Linear Algebra Software (ATLAS)
LAPACK -- Linear Algebra PACKage
NEOS Guide Optimization Tree
Homepage for Alan Genz
True random number generators


NCSA -- A Beginner's Guide to HTML
HTML: An Interactive Tutorial for Beginners [ Dave's HTML Guide ]
Getting Listed by the Major Search Engines
Zen and the Art of Website Promotion | Useful Information About Meta Tags
Preparing your pages for the search engines | Improve your search engine ranking | Search engine positioning
Getting Listed by the Major Search Engines

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