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Contents of the Tarball
Other paper sizes than legal or A4.
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This provides a reference card for R version 1.3, and facilities for printing it on (American) legal paper and (European) A4 paper. The finished product may be then folded four times to make a pocket sized reference card. It may also be printed as eight separate pages.

Although I wrote this for version 1.3, it should still be correct for the current version, R1.8.1. The experimental Lattice and Grid pacakges are considerably improved since I began this in 2001, and no longer seem to be marked experimental.


This tarball should contain:

README -- This file.
a4fold.sh -- Shell script to place the final result on A4 paper, thanks to Carlos Gonzales Alcon.
fold.sh -- Shell script to place the final result on legal paper.
leaflet.cls -- LaTeX style file.
new.R.refcard.folded.ps -- The final result, needs legal-size paper to print.
new.R.refcard.a4folded.ps -- The final result, needs A4-size paper to print.
new.R.refcard.dvi -- The 8 separate pages of the reference card.
new.R.refcard.ps -- The 8 separate pages of the reference card.
new.R.refcard.ltx -- The source file for the reference card.


You will need LaTeX, pstops, and quite possibly something else which I haven't noticed.

It should be enough to untar, cd to the resulting directory, and type
$ latex new.R.refcard.ltx
$ dvips -o new.R.refcard.ps new.R.refcard.dvi
$ ./fold.sh new.R.refcard.ps new.R.refcard.folded.ps

There used to be an error in the latex run: it would complain

! Class leaflet Error: Too much text for leaflet.

This is because we are abusing the leaflet document class, which was designed to work with letter-size paper. I amended the leaflet.cls to allow 8 pages, so there should be no problem.

The dvips command should be familiar. The ./fold.sh command runs a shell script which invokes pstops with a long, nasty command line which gives the postscript file suitable for printing as a folding pocket guide.

All the above has been tested and works on Linux, and will probably work on any *nix system. You're on your own if you're using Windows; I can't help you.

Other Paper Sizes:

Thanks to Carlos Gonzalez Alcon, there is now a version for A4 sized paper. Use the shell script a4fold.sh rather than fold.sh for this.

If you don't have legal or A4 paper available, you may omit the last command. The file new.R.refcard.ps will have 8 pages, which you may cut, paste, photo-reduce, et cetera, to put it on the paper size of your choice. Or, you can modify the fold.sh to cram the pages you want onto the papersize you prefer. The documentation for pstops is tolerably obtuse, but you do have a working example there.

Copyright Nels Tomlinson, 2001, 2003, 2004. You may freely distribute this file, provided that the copyright notice and this permission notice are retained.


Here is a tarball containing the source code for the R reference card, and the finished products.

Here is the postscript file for the version for American Legal paper.

Here is the postscript file for the version for A4 paper.

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