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Down load all the data presented on this website in digital format.

You can download all the data I have in one of two common formats: GEDCOM and Geneweb. These files, and all portions of the data within them which is copyrightable, are copyright © 2005 Nels Tomlinson. You may use them for any non-commercial purpose, and may copy and redistribute them freely (and may charge reasonable fees, such as postage, et cetera, to recoup your costs for distributing them) in electronic or paper form, provided that they are accompanied by this copyright and permission notice.

The intent of the requirement that you include the copyright and permission notice is to ensure that all recipients know that they, too, may redistribute the information on those same terms.

There is no contract between us, and you are not required to accept these terms. However, if you do not accept these terms, you do not have permission to copy or distribute these files: the regular, restrictive copyright laws will govern what you may do. So, use them and share them, and make sure that the people you share them with know that they can, too.

Geneweb file

Geneweb is a free, libre program, available for Unix, Mac OSX and Windows. ``Libre'' means that it is available on terms similar to the terms for my data: you are free to use and share it, and so is everyone else. If you have a reasonably modern computer, you can download the program and get started, at no cost.

Geneweb can read its own file format, .gw, and the standard gedcom file format. It calculates consanguinuity, and produces all the necessary output like family trees. Geneweb uses your favorite web browser as a front end, so you can do all your adding data, getting reports and so on in a friendly, familiar, easy-to-figure-out environment.

You can find Geneweb here.

The Geneweb file should be a complete record of all the information I have, including notes.

Get my Geneweb database here. You will need to rename it, since this silly geocites site insists that it must have the .txt suffix.


GEDCOM is the standard format for genealogical data interchange. If you have a genealogy program which you are satisfied with, it will almost surely be able to use this format.

The GEDCOM file may omit some of the notes that are in the Geneweb file. The relationship and source data should be complete.

Get the GEDCOM file here.

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