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Tiny sidenote: This archives ALL the fanfiction I have written and kept, including the ones that didn't make it to ff.net.
In other words, some of them aren't so good or are unfinished/dropped ^^;. Though currently...I don't have them all posted yet anyway.
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So in alphabetical order by category...

Chrno Crusade

  • Precious : Drama/Romance/not sure : PG
    Just an expansion off of one of my favorite parts in the manga. Contains many spoilers >:3



  • Anime Animals : Humor/Cuteness : PG because I dislike things rated G
    Not a very interesting fic, but still cute in my opinion ^^. I put creature/animal characters from random animes in the fic to see how they would act with one another. Includes Magic Knight Rayearth, Pokemon, Card Captor Sakura, Tenchi Muyo, and Majutsushi Orphen.
  • Anime Romance - 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 : Humor/Romance : PG-13
    My very first fanfic! And, unfortunately, I took the idea from Lady~Metaka's
    A Night to Remember ^^;. She's my online auntie so I have an excuse :P. Arigatou gozaimasu for letting me write this fanfic and starting my fanfiction interest ^_^. Oh yeah, at the time, I only had access to dubbed animes...so...
  • Anime Romance's Revenge - 1 2 3 4 5 : Humor/Romance : PG-13
    The sequel to Anime Romance ^^. Almost forgot, the series included are Pokemon, Tenshi Muyo, Dragon Ball Z, Sailor Moon, Gundam Wing, and I might've forgotten one.
  • Anime Survivor - 1 2 : Humor/Stuff : PG
    I dropped this fic since it was so cliché it hurt to write oo;. Includes Pokemon, Gundam Wing, Card Captor Sakura, Magic Knight Rayearth, and Tenchi Muyo.


D. N. Angel

  • Hollow Inside : Horror/Kinda suspenseful/Kinda angsty : PG-13
    I think this is my darkest fanfic yet >.o. Krad and Satoshi thing. I had fun using big words I learned from SAT classes in it.


Final Fantasy

  • Come Back To Me : Angst/Longing-type romance : PG (I still resent G-rated fics)
    Umm...written really quickly and just because I thought I needed to write one for this game. FF9.


Gundam Wing

  • Chibi Gundam Wing Characters in Daycare : Clean, chibi humor : G (Ok I just could not put PG for this one...)
    Clean humor, unlike most humor fanfiction you find nowadays. I got the idea from this chibi picture.
  • Old McDonald Gundam Wing Style : Humor : PG
    Not sure if this is clean or not because I torment a character by making him crossdress ^^;. Otherwise, I thought it was ok. It was a lot of fun to write though, but I forgot the animal sequence for the song...


Inu Yasha

  • 10 Days - Guest Fic : Humor : PG
    The chapter of Court's fanfic that she asked me to write and then didn't want because she already wrote a chapter for Kouga and didn't mention that tiny detail >_> (T_T).
  • Deep River : Drama/Reconciliation : G to PG
    Songfic to the song Deep River. Just periods of thought from each character about meaningful events in their lives.


Magic Knight Rayearth

  • Characters Gone Insane : Humor/Insanity : PG to PG-13
    Yes, they have gone insane ^^;. This is one of my earlier fics (I wrote pointless insanity fics at the time). I warn you now, there is swearing and lots of insanity in this fic...I cannot begin to stress how much madness is in here.
  • Characters Gone Insane Again : Humor/Insanity : PG to PG-13
    A sequel...possibly scarier than the last. I put more input of myself in this one so...
  • First Love : Angst/Romance : G
    Fuu thinking about Ferio, her only true love whom she possibly may never see again. Songfic.
  • Hearts Reunited - 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 : Romance/General : PG-13
    My long fanfic for this anime. I can't exactly call it a novelette-length fanfic since...it really isn't ^^;. Please do ignore the notes. I copied these from my posts at fanfiction.net
  • I'll Love You, Forever and Beyond - 1 2 3 4 5 : Romance/Drama : PG to PG-13
    E/H. YES I do support a lot of alternate couplings :P, though I have an open mind so it's all good. Here's my wonderful *cough* Eagle x Hikaru fanfic.
  • Love Show - 1 2 : Romance/Silliness : PG
    My little pointless humor "series" ^^;. It was the last real MKR fanfic I wrote before transferring mainly to Slayers fanfiction. First chapter circles around Hikaru, and the second circles around Umi.
  • Misery : Angsty : PG to PG-13
    An Alcione fanfic. I feel so sorry for her...
  • The Waltz : Fluffiness : PG because I dislike G
    F/F. High fluffy content.
  • Water Fountain : Romantic rewrite : PG
    H/L. Rewrote the infamous water fountain scene that they ended just seconds before the good part ><! Did I just say that out loud oo;?
  • Yami no Namida : Angsty romantic stuff : PG-13
    H/L. Hey look it's my very FIRST angst - Wow o.O. Written way back when I didn't even know what angst was, but others told me that I did it right.


Saber Marionette J

  • Lonely Heart : Angst : PG to PG-13
    Tiger angst. 'nuff said. I pitied her so much when it happened...



  • Ai no Omocha : Romance/Humor : PG-13
    X/Z YAOI. Just a short little dabble that came to my mind shortly after taking a liking to this pair ^_^.
  • Care to Dance? : Romance/Humor : PG
    X/L. I was originally planning this dance scenario for another fic that I ended up never writing ^^;. So I just took the small idea and make a one-shot out of it. *ahem* I have seen other fanfics VERY similar to this one for some odd reason...--;
  • Don't Run From a Nightmare : Dark/Romance : PG-13
    X/Z YAOI. Yeah it's a clichEidea ^^;, but I couldn't resist writing one too.
  • Enrai : Drama-ish/Romance : PG-13
    X/L. My first and only songfic (They are actually pretty hard to do ^^;). I thought it was really sappy and it didn't reach the effect I had wanted, but readers complimented it so...
  • Grave of Fireflies - 1 2 3 4 5 : Angst/Romance : PG
    Unspecified couplings :P, though at the end I do stick to my very firm bias ^.^. I wrote this out of order by the way (Zel, Xel, Gourry, Ame, Epilogue) because I had originally intended to just write one long, angsty fic coming from Zel's POV.
  • Guardian Angel : Romance/Itty-bitty darkness : PG-13 to R
    X/L. What was I on when I wrote this ^^;? Well it was written during the week where for some reason I got paranoid and started thinking someone was gonna rape me oO;. Don't ask. I don't understand myself, either.
  • Here For You : Romance/Drama : PG to PG-13
    L/Z. I think this was my longest one-shot fic. Written on a whim. I dunno where the idea came from; *poof* and it was there. Wrote this in 5 hours though.
  • If Only : Romance : PG because I detest G-rated stuff
    X/L. I believe this was the first X/L fanfic I wrote... At the time, (english) Xelloss x Lina writers were VERY uncommon, and my interest in the couple was first sparked by reading Z/L fics where Xelloss would usually die or something as the result of a battle with Zel. Get real. Xel would win both hands down, we all know that. This was another fic written on a whim, and I wrote one more chapter for
    Slayers Dream before I transferred mostly to X/L.
  • Knife of Silver : Darkie/Tiny romance : PG
    X/L Possibly. Written around Halloween ^_^. It's a pathetic little fic I wrote just to boost my ff.net fanfic count (See I admitted it), so shoot me if you hate it that much.
  • The Slayers : Legacy of Darkness : General : PG-13
    X/L. My pride and joy. This is (so far) the only fanfic I have written that can qualify as a novelette. So, it's only logical that I gave it a site of its own (The link there will send you to the main site. If I posted the chapters here, my free space would probably go *poof*). It continues off the end of TRY, where our favorite characters have stumbled across the town of Miran while in search of Zel's cure.
  • Lullaby and Goodnight - 1 2 3 : A little sad/a little romance : PG
    X/L. Three stories, three childhood songs; one eerie relationship. An innocent child's death.
  • Mazoku Nightmares : Romance/Angst : PG
    X/L. Just a little nightmare of Xellos's...^^;.
  • Never Thought I'd Miss You : Angst/Romance : PG
    L/?. My FIRST Slayers fanfic. Written when I had gotten close to the end of the first series. I actually had Zel in mind when I wrote this, but I added little hints for Gourry to confuse everyone :P.
  • Owari : Dark/Little romance : PG-13
    L/X. The other fanfic I posted around Halloween. Yup, it's another pathetic fic where I used the holiday as an excuse to post so I could increase my fanfiction count :P. Also note that this was one of my stolen-idea-from-other-author fanfics so... I hold no pride in writing it at all >_>
  • The Pain : Angst/Romance implied : PG-13
    Zelgadiss and suicide, do the math.
  • Path of Ruin : Dark/Lust : Borderline PG-13
    Just a pointless ramble about Lina and Xelloss that I wrote for no point whatsoever other than the fact that I wanted to write it. Rather limey if you ask me oo;.
  • Slayers Dream - 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 : Romance/General : PG-13
    L/Z. The second fanfic I worked on for Slayers. Unfortunately, I'm not too interested in writing for it anymore because... Well let's just say that after I posted the first 5 chapters or so, lots of other fanfics like this one started popping up. I got sick of being copied off of, so I wanted to drop it.
  • Three Candles Glowing in the Dark - 1 2 3 : Romance/Dark : PG-13
    X/L. I was out of ideas for the title as you can probably tell ^^;.
  • You Shouldn't Have Left Me Alone - MSTed! : Romance/Dark : PG-13 to R
    The third fanfic on this site that was stolen-from-other-author. MSTed it because it bothered me that it was a unique idea and so obviously stolen.
  • Zutto Himitsu : A fight? : PG to PG-13
    Implied X/L. Another idea that could actually happen! Of course, this one isn't too good for Xelloss x Lina worshippers like me ><. I got this idea since...well...err...I actually expected Lina and Xel to have a real fight in the series...and it sorta never happened.
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