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Zac in Jakarta, Indonesia

Zac in Hotel Sahid Jaya Jakarta, Indonesia.

Full name : Zachary Walker Hanson
  • Nicknames: Zac and Animal
  • Zac was born on October 22, 1985, which makes him an 15 year old Libra!
  • Zac was born in Arlington, Virginia
  • Height: 1.74 m
  • Weight: i dunno ??? he has more muscles more than his two bros now.... ^_^
  • Eyes: brown
  • Hair: blonde
  • Zac is single (duh, he's 15!), but he does say, "I'm still looking for the right woman."
  • Favorite ice cream flavor: Chocolate (Chocolate RULES!)
  • Favorite toys is Legos
  • Have a dirtbike named Betsy
  • Like Shamu
  • Zac has a habit of always saying "I love you man!" (isn't that cute?)
  • Favorite color: Blue---He also thinks pink is a "juvenile" color...well la de da
  • He also likes Alanis Morissette and TLC
  • Toothbrush color: Neon green
  • He likes Dr. Pepper and Jello
  • When he first saw himself on TV, he said, "Look at the cute little girl! Oh wait! That's me!" : )
  • Altough Hanson hasn't "officially" been touring yet, they've been visiting different parts of the world doing live shows. Zac's take on their travel is, "We can see all these places in real life instead of just looking at book."
  • Zachary tells that the skating wipeout in the "MMMBop" video was totally for real. "Definitely all real!" he says
  • Thinks he'd make an ugly girl (WHAAT-EVER!! He's ADORABLE!)
  • He can talk while belching and vice versa. (how attractive)
  • He's left-handed
  • He likes to bang on things---maybe that's why he plays the drums!
  • He's known as "the wacky one" (obviously)
  • He's got more energy than anyone I've ever seen!
  • He's modest
  • He doesn't like noisy crowds (so try not to scream TOO loud when you see him!)
  • He constantly chews gum. (Gum RULES!)
  • He likes Rex's Chicken in Tulsa
  • He likes to draw, just like his big brother, Taylor.
  • He once ran off stage crying because he was too shy to perform.
  • He has a snake (YUCK!)-----Rumor that has been said to be true by Rolling Stone Magazine!
  • Has been said that he scares Jessie (his sister) with the snake.
  • He collects shampoo bottles from hotels.
  • He plays the drums and vocals.
  • He loves his tree house that Taylor and Isaac built for him.
  • He got them kicked off the bus in the "Mmmbop" video.
  • Zac is very hyper, funny, and outgoing. He says that he acts crazy to make up for how shy he REALLY is (sure!)
  • He wrote "Man from Milwaukee" when their car broke down Albequerkee (I don't know how to spell it!) It's about aliens! (typical of Zac, right?)
  • Zac's drums once roleed away and the boys had to chase after it.
  • When he was younger, he fell off a trunk that he was sitting on while playing the drums at a concert
  • A Little Story about Zac: Once, when they were handing out tee shirts, a little girl raised her hand, but she was too shy to come up on stage and get one, so Zac went down and carried her up! Wasn't that sweet?

  • Read his Quote :)

    If you have another info of him, please send it to me - I'll give the credit!

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