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Jessica in Jakarta, Indonesia

This pic was take from when HANSON came to my country, Indonesia especially from their show on Pesta, Indosiar.
In front of her that's Mackie worn a red tee.

Please don't take....

  • Nicknames : Jess, Jessie
  • She's 12 years old, and her birthday is July 31st. She was born in 1988. (Ike was only 7 when she was born)
  • For her birthday in 1997...the family was in Australia, and they all went out to dinner at the Planet Hollywood to celebrate!!
  • She has light blonde hair, even lighter than zac's, and its poker straight. Her hair is pretty long too (but not as long as her mom's).
  • Jessie is pretty, and she's tall too!!!!
  • She likes coca cola
  • She takes ballet lessons with Avery.
  • She gave up traveling abroad with her bros and her dad once, so that she could be in her ballet recital.
  • Her and Avie have been known to tell their bro's exactly what they like and dont like about pictures of them...whether their eyes are squinty or if their hair looks good :-)
  • Jessica has no interest in joining the band with her brothers...but they say that they have asked her if she wanted to --- maybe play the bass or something.
  • Walker took Jessie home one time for a ballet recital, while the rest of the family continued travelling.
  • If you have another info of her, please send it to me - I'll give the credit!

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