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Tay in Jakarta, Indonesia

Tay in Hotel Sahid Jaya Jakarta, Indonesia.

Full name : Jordan Taylor Hanson
  • Nick name: Tay, Tayles, Taybear
  • Birthday: March 14, 1983
  • Stars: Pisces
  • Age: 17
  • Eyes: blue (Oh so Cute!)
  • Hair: blonde, had a rattail...(which, I personally think is really cool)
  • Height: 1.79 m
  • Status: single (luckily)
  • There is a rumor that a girl won a contest to kiss him and he hated it because she tried to French kiss him! (can someone varify?)
  • He says he would date a fan if she wouldn't scream and freak out if he tried to hold her hand.

  • Can you blame him?
  • His part in the band: Vocals, keyboards, synthesizer, bongos and harmonica
  • Describes himself as the "quiet" one of the group
  • Hidden Talent: He's a cartoonist (He and Zac drew the pictures in the inside of the album cover and they also designed the Hanson symbol
  • Fav. color: red because red makes everything beautiful and red candy tastes good
  • Has a dimple an his right cheek
  • Says Zac embarasses him
  • Ike is his best friend
  • Has a crush on Jennifer Aniston and Emma "Baby Spice" Bunton
  • He was really hyper as a kid
  • Ike and Zac say that he is a perfectionist
  • He used to always wear a baseball cap which he never took off : )
  • Candy: loves jellybeans
  • Fave Candy bar: Nutrageous
  • Fave Drink: Root Beer
  • Fave Ice Cream: Strawberry
  • Fave Food: Fish, mom's homemade brownies
  • Fave band: No Doubt
  • Hobbies: Reading, computers, rollerblading, soccer
  • Has a lisp because of a retainer
  • If you look closely on the Jay Leno show, his tongue is purple.
  • Quotes from Taylor: "Ike, who cares about your hair?", "I'm the quiet one, obviously." (Um, I have something to say something about that! For someone who's so shy and quiet, he sure is an interview and camera hog!), and "That's cool."
  • I heard that Taylor has to watch his "potty mouth" For some reason, I can't picture him swearing...he's just too....GOOD.
  • He likes to party.
  • There's a rumor that he's getting braces in a month.
  • According to Taylor, the car that he "drives" in the "MMMBop" video is the same car Sandra Bullock drives in Speed 2 : Cruise Control!
  • He reads Ike's diary a lot.
  • Zac fast earned himself a rep as being the wacky Hanson brother, but Taylor tells another side. It's really quite amazing because Zac acts crazy and wild, but he'll be, like, really quiet too."
  • Has a habit of tapping everything (probably from playing the piano)
  • His favorite soccer player is Alexi Lalas.
  • Toothbrush color: aquamarine
  • He loves William Shakespeare's and Steven Spielberg's work.
  • Sleeps in boxers and a tank top
  • He used to collect candy until he had to throw it away. (It got all covered with ants).
  • Uses Herbal Essenses (his Shampoo)
  • If he wasn't singing he would want to be an architect or an interior designer.
  • Loves Star Wars.
  • He usually is hyper at night when everyone wants to go to sleep.
  • His hair used to be 6 inches longer! (I'm glad he cut it!)
  • He has a scar on his right cheek from when Isaac pushed him into a door! Sibling rivalry will get ya every time!
  • He has a scar on the back of his leg from playing soccer.
  • When he was young he never took off his baseball cap. He also used to run around with a sword all the time ( sweet : )
  • Three years ago he broke his arm while riding his bike down a hill. He said he was going to check out a house his parents were buying and he saw his parents car coming up the hill. He went to stop and flipped over the handlebars of his bike. He still has the cast in his drawer because he likes to compare it to his arm size.
  • He likes Seinfeld, Frasier, Friends, and Animaniacs.
  • He shares a bedroom with all of his brothers. He sleeps on th bottom of the bunk bed (Isaac has the top, Zachary sleeps on the floor on a trundle bed)
  • Favorite movie is the Nutty Profesor, The Green Mile
  • Doesn't want a girlfriend now.
  • Has a cat named MaMa (rumor???)
  • Blushes easily
  • He's been rollerblading for 6 years.
  • He can play the drums but doesn't play it in the album, he play it in many tour!
  • He is very sneeky and spys on Isaac a lot (they are best friends)
  • He has a tatoo on his ankle...THIS IS JUST A RUMOR! Many people say this isn't true! Still don't know for sure, though!
  • Loves computers and has his own web page--Hansonline!
  • Loves English and litreature
  • Loves his maroon Adidas shirt--Well, it looks like an ADIDAS shirt
  • He "has his moments" at night (gets goofy)
  • When people say he looks like a girl, he says "I don't mind, I think it's pretty funny!"
  • Compared to a young Kurt Cobain!
  • Likes to read
  • He's RIGHT-handed
  • Likes to flirt
  • Takes voice lessons
  • He has a rattail (which, I personally think is really cool)
  • Has a mole on the side of his chin
  • Thinks Tom Cruise is a really good actor
  • Drinks bottled water and Dr. Pepper
  • Loves Jelly Belly's Very Cherry jellybeans
  • Wears black and white checked boxers
  • Wears a retainer so he has a lisp--which you can hear in "I Will Come to You" when he says "So if you feel that your soul is dying"
  • I heard that he wears a black and yellow watch on his right hand.
  • He has a pager that he wears in his back pocket...the # is confidential!!
  • Usually wears these three necklaces, a soccer ball, cross, and a star of David
    but now in the year 2000 it already gone, it change with another choker
  • Once, when he was skating, a bunch of fans ran to him and made him fall over!
  • He refers to his fans as "crazy" but also says "You have to appreciate the craziness and all those people that are just absolutely crazy!" (he says about Indonesian fans (my country) in TTMON video)
  • Likes go-carting
  • Likes monkeys and dolphins
  • Voice changed during the making of the album
  • Shares clothes with Zac
  • When he gets embarrassed he usually closes his eyes for a moment.
  • The "Favorite" Hanson according to polls
  • "Sometimes it seems like the girls aren't screaming at us; they're screaming at some band called Hanson they saw on TV." - quote Taylor
  • He was once at McDonald's and he heard girls talking about him and saying "Is that Taylor Hanson? OH MY GOD!" He was so embarrased that he ran out of there after he got his food!(Maybe he just feared for his life, you guys get so crazy!) He doesn't like when people talk about him and don't say hi
  • Once, at a concert, he had water on his keyboard and when he was jumping around (which he does an awful lot) it spilled all over him and his keyboard.
  • What would he buy with $20? Jellybeans....he must have an awful lot after all the $20 bills he should have been getting!!!
  • At Paramus Park, Taylor's shirt got torn. (I personally believe there should be a limit to the craziness....come on people, control yourselves!!!!
  • I heard when they were little Tay was doing experiments in the microwave with marshmellows and brownies and got it in Zac's hair and they had to cut Zac's hair off! hehe ; )

  • Check out his Quote :)

    If you have another info of him, please send it to me - I'll give the credit!

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