"I know Isaac kissed a girl while they were watching 101 Dalmations and she ran home crying to her mom.I find out everything!" - Taylor

"I've never kissed a girl, but I often think about it." -Zac

"I just hope that the first time I kiss a girl, she's not as hairy as our dog."-Taylor

"Seeing as though you're already Ugly Phil, it wont matter if I, you know, beat the crap out of you!" - Zac (Ugly Phil Interview)

"She'll just laugh at you, slap you in the face and say, 'Buh-bye loser!"-Isaac
"Zac, I think that's your vibrating underwear.." - Taylor

"I love meeting people. The girls usually hug us and say they love us, and the guys usually want to talk about music. It's definitely one of the most fun parts of making music." -Taylor

"I've never said this, but I'm a huge Aerosmith fan. Who isn't? And I'd have to say I'd like to be (Aerosmith guiarist) Joe Perry, with the wailing guitar solos and whatnot. I actually have one of his guitars, a 'Joe Perry signaturemodel' guitar" -Isaac

"Oh, we don't dance in the show - we play instruments.That's a misconception - we can't dance for sqat!"-Zac

(Have you thought about adding any dance routines to your shows?)"Nooooo!" -Isaac and Taylor

"Someone asked us that. She was like, "Do you dance?" We're like, "Uh... no. We play instruments." She goes, "You go to the instruments some of the time. Occasionally." I'm like, "No, we always play instruments. It's the thing we do." -Zac

"We were writing about our girlfriends leaving us before we even cared if they left us" - Taylor

"We're not competetive with each other. It wouldn't be very brotherly and would work against the group policy of 'one for all and all for one'. In the past, brother groups fell apart because the relationship came last." -Zac

"Zac is the funny one, the crazy one, the insane one.He's very cool onstage.He's also got some sad, deep songs where you go, 'How old is he?'" - Taylor

"Ike writes a lot of the ballads and he's really cool because he's the good older brother he's always been." -Taylor

"We watch action movies and we don't cry at Arnold Schwarzenegger!" - Taylor

"Old stuff with logos is cool, new stuff with logos...Eee."-Isaac

"How could you not like a crazy 3 year old?" - Zac

"We have to do the dishes and vacuum the carpet and all that stuff. We get told off if we don't do it." -Isaac

"I haven't got any clear picture of my dream girl. I don't mind a bit what she looks like, but she must be very cool and like listening to me. She has to be faithful too, and that's important.But I don't want to rush things. After all, I'm only 15 years-old and have my whole life in front of me." -Taylor

"The eight year old, Jessica, she wants to be a photographer, that's what she says." -Zac

"This is really wild. The last show we did was in Boston, and we decided to do the song 'Money- That's what I want', which is an old song we liked to do. And we read this plaque- we're at the original site of Motown records - and 'Money' was the first release off of Motown. In 1959, that's incredibly cool. So, we're just gonna have to do it, yeah we're gonna have to."-Taylor

"As we're getting older, we've been having problems with these gray hairs back here." -Taylor

"Well, Ike is going to kill me, if he ever sees this, but he sleeps with a small brown teddy. It's almost as old as I am, and its got Zac beat by a few months." -Taylor

"You have to wash it eventually...and it'll like go, 'Booof'...it'll end up in a little 'fro-braid...like a braid-'fro...braid slash 'fro.."- Taylor (Zac's hair in braids)

"It's a 'frobraid...a frabraid"- Zac

"Zac doesn't keep it like this for very long...I mean, the longest he's kept it is like a week."- Isaac (In braids)

"I love speed. I get sort of a kick out of it." -Taylor

"It's like one of those little speed demons - a turtle with boosters," - Taylor

"I was sticking up for someone who was being bullied. My neighbor was being picked on by these guys once and I felt bad, so I stepped in and hit this guy. It was a pretty basic punch and it hurt my hand more than it hurt him. I feel silly saying this because it makes me sound like a big man, and I'm not." -Taylor

"She (Avery) likes to play with her barbies so I'll go get Zac's Power Rangers and make the barbies get married to them. Then she'll tell me to stop playing with her because I got her upset."-Taylor

"A lot of those books, the unofficial ones, are fairly funny, because they make up things you didn't know about yourself. You're like,"Huh, I didn't know that. And that. And that." -Taylor

"Some of them have seats facing backwards, which makes you feel a bit queasy. Zac nearly threwup during one limo ride." -Taylor on limos

"Its like we are warming up and you go 'Ike- that was a great note' and Zac goes 'That was me.' [And I would say,] "Oh." - Taylor

"I have to say it, but in many ways, a lot of the letters are fairly similar. A lot of times it's,"I love you, I love you, I love you." In someways, it's the nature of our fans. On the other hand, you also get a ton of very cool letters, like"I was doing this and that, and Irealized when I heard your music I wanted to do this other thing because you guys are doing what you love." That's very cool, to be able to inspire people. But you still can't let that stuff go to your head, because it's so fleeting." -Taylor

"Who'd want to hear a song for God's sake about the zebra crossing problem in Kansas City?" -Zac

"I don't think anything has really changed now that we have been across the world,"-Zac

"Our religion can get in the way of people liking the music." -Taylor

"It's not 'Oh, God, they're going to start tearing at me!' It's 'Oh, God, I'm losing my arm,' "-Zac (On fans)

"We bring our Roller Blades... unfortunately, we haven't gotten much ofa chance to use them, because, there's fans waiting outside and it's nolike your gonna Roller Blade. (He imitates being rushed by fans) 'Oh god, noooo!'" -Zac

My God! It does say pobMMM...that's amazing!"- Taylor

"We've flown the Concord many times. And this lady comes up to me and goes,'Excuse me Sir, Would you like some caviar?' I'm going, 'First of all, I don't like caviar. Second of all, it's eight o'clock in the freakin' morning, for the love of God!'"-Isaac

"Ike and Tay aren't usually worried about it. I'm the one who usually backs out. I may think I want to go on a ride, and then when I'm actually at the top about to do it, I change my mind and shout, 'Oh my God, what am I doing?' " -Zac

(On his voice breaking)"There was like a constant meeting. It was like: OH MY GOD!" -Taylor

"It [homeschooling] means there are no bullies-Just Zac!" -Taylor

"Hello? Hello? Is there a friend on this line? Hello?" -Isaac

"I recommend rollerblading down the hallway in a hotel, it's a heck of alotta fun!"-Taylor

"We try to get on the Internet and check out all the sites about us. We read all the messages left for us." -Taylor

"I go to a mental hospital every couple of weeks and they do a checkup." -Zac

"There was always singing going around and music in our house. We just naturally started writing songs." -Taylor

"Yeah, there is this nasty rumour that I cuss all the time, but really I don't, because that is a rule in our house and I wouldn't want to disobey my parents." -Taylor

"I wouldn't rule it out of the picture for me to get married some day, and have an army of kids. Just like my folks did. I'm just used to havingtons
of kids around, and it's tons of fun even though sometimes it's like a zoo in our house. But I guess I enjoy a lot of confusion and chaos!"-Taylor

"Well, I use the green goop in the swamp in the back our house. Then I get it all mushy in my hair." -Zac

"How many English teachers would love to be able to take their kids to Shakespeare's house?" -Taylor

"I've changed a lot of diapers in my time.There are seven kids in our family, and I've changed the last four kids!"-Isaac

(Do kids rule?)"Well, we're kids so I think everybody rules. I mean, if you can go out there and do what you love to do and kick butt doing it, then you do , yeah!" -Taylor

"We're regular kids!" -Zac

"Even though being a kid is kind of a carefree sort of thing for the most part, I guess there are definitely a lot of things that stick in kids' minds."-Isaac

"When we started, at that point we were living in SouthAmerica, so they were probably songs about the kids running naked in the street. You
don't even think about it. It was so natural, and it still is. It's just what you do. It's as much a part of you asanything, really. Whatever's
the most familiar to you, that's what writing songs and singing is like. The songs that you write are always about anything you're thinking,
anything that's going on in your life, or things that other people are doing. It just depends on where you are and what the situation is."

"It's really weird getting phone calls and people going'I love you, I love you.'." -Taylor

"The thing is, they can't really love you because they don't really know you. They're more in love with the music." -Zac

"Avery doesn't like it when they girls scream 'I love you!!!'" - Isaac

"People say 'oh you get the girls' and stuff, yeah but thats only the icing on the cake, the real love is for the music" -Isaac

"I used to love tomatoes and I'd go around chanting' Tomatoe Head, Tomatoe Head!' at people. If I saw a large person I'd shout, 'Big Tomatoe Man!' "-Taylor

"We LOVE the fans, they don't annoy us, but sometimes they scream really really loud. The only times that the screaming bothers us is when we're trying to play." -Taylor

"I don't have a girlfriend. That's all in the future for me. I don't know what love is all about yet. I've got to find that out. It should be ok." Zac

"No, all we have to say is - we love you, too!" -Taylor

"I've never really been in love yet. But, I can't wait for it to happen. It must bean incredible feeling." -Isaac

"Next thing, there'll be a rumour out saying, 'Isaac loves hockey, in fact he totally adores the Tulsa hockey team!'" - Isaac (Ugly Phil Interview)

"There's lots of different kinds of love." - Zac

"We love London. The first time we came here our record company took us out tosee the sights and we were like, 'Oooh.' We just thought Big Ben appeared onpostcards." -Isaac

"Math used to be my favorite subject. I'm still pretty good at algebra andmath...but your love for math goes out the window!" -Isaac

"You try to meet as many as possible and find out what their favorite song is." -Isaac

"Itís because they all wear tight pants and that lengthens your lifespan!" -Taylor on thesecret to the Spice Girls' success.

"I think the Bee Gees have stayed on top because they're dressed in such tight pants." -Taylor

"What do I look for in a girl? Two eyes, two legs, and breathing!" -Taylor

"I noticed you guys all have glowey things!"-Taylor

"She's [Zoe] got her own apartment now, she's bored with us. She's movin' out, she said,"Bye, guys." -Isaac

"They also say were immigrants from Sweden, and that I used to have a girlfriend named Ashley who cheated on me, so I broke up with her.
What's so funny is I do have a friend named Ashley, but he's a guy!" - Taylor

"I killed the guy with the metal detector! No just kidding!" -Zac

"You want the fans to see it from you, not from some guy that sits back there like a mad scientist, creating."-Taylor

"We're the long haired guys that look like girls." - Zac

" First of all, I'd have boobs! Aargh! No, part of who we are is that we're guys and we have this thing going on..."- Isaac

"I better not say that, because one day, I could open the door and there'll be this guy standing there going, 'Yo, we don't like you!'" - Isaac (Ugly Phil Interview)

"What guys do is they grunt," -Taylor

"We only get the guys who have large guns and chase us around, thatís all!" -Taylor on stalkers.

"No guys, that's just me. I even get sick in normal cars." -Zac

"If wholesome equals not constantly swearing, not talking derogatory about women, then in that case I guess we'll take wholesome." - Isaac

"It sounds like a bowel movement" - Taylor

"Thereís definitely moments of depression." -Taylor

"We have been spotted at Mcdonald's and given VIP treatment. They gave us our burgers first and we got to sit in this special place.Everyone
was staring at us and pointing and we felt like freaks in a zoo." -Taylor

"There's definitely moments of depression in life, but our music focuses on other things instead of being depressed."-Isaac

"Are you environmentally friendly?" -Zac

"If I see a cool chick in the street, I'll watch her going by, won't I?" -Isaac

"Are you saying you think we're chicks?" -Zac

"There is a whole world of hot chicks out there!" - Taylor

"No I'm a chicken" -Zac

"People always ask me what kind of girls I like! I always get asked which member of the Spice Girls I like. If I pick one out, people think I really fancy her. I think Baby Spice looks the best but that doesn't mean I fancy her!" Taylor

"Yeah, Zac was dropped on his head as a baby..." -Taylor

"She [Zoe] is actually a sumo wrestler baby of the world."- Zac

"We'll be, like, 35 and she'll be, like, 5." -Taylor (Zoe)

"She's [Zoe] being pampered by everyone in the family," -Taylor

"Girls, Girls, Girls... They are soooooo cute!" -Zac

"I don't have an ideal girl either. It's not a good idea. If you have a type then you limit yourself and you might be closing your mind to a wonderful girl who could surprise you." -Isaac

"Ike is a girl charmer. He'll always say nice things to girls. It's just something he does." -Zac

"Don't belive everthing you [see on the Internet]. I don't have a girlfriend yet. But if you live life, you meet girls. That's pretty
basic." - Taylor

"I thought you weren't meant to be into girls until you were fourteen, but it seems like everyone's getting girlfriends younger," -Taylor

"As in friends that are girls," -Zac

"We used to be good at basketball but now our girlfriends are better than us! " -Isaac

"We're not doing this because we want girls to scream at us . . . but they can scream if they want!" -Taylor

"Girls definatly don't have cooties." -Isaac

"We met the Spice Girls and we really liked them.Geri's quite small without her platform shoes on.I'll probably out-grow her in a few months
time!" - Zac

"The other day this girl asked me tosign her back, and I was like, "Woah!" But I did it although I felt really icky!" -Taylor

"If there's a girl who's a fan and she's a bit crazy, you are not going to go out with her." - Taylor

"Girls are definitely very inspirational. They were made that way." -Taylor

"He's [Isaac] always talking about girls." -Zac

"Italy is really cool, for the girls and for the food." -Taylor

"I don't really understand why the girls scream so much and try to grab you." -Zac

"Young girls are the main mass of record buyers," -Isaac

"My dream girl? She'll have to be someone who likes to have fun becasue I'm the joker of the group." -Zac

"Life is a twinkie... and girls are the cream filling!"-Zac

"We got to see Titanic at a cinema in New York. Did I cry? No way, I don't cry at films like that. I would cry if a cute girl was with me and
I wanted to look sensitive." -Zac

(On voice changes)"Girls are lucky they don't have to go through that!" -Taylor

"I donít resist the girls anymore. I jump back at them and scare them. That throws them!" -Taylor

"Female, thats good. Normal, not alien. Human, no neosapiens. No Harry Conicks."-Zac on what he looks for in a girl.

"Zac hit a rock and just flipped. He flew about ten feet through the air." -Taylor

"Hey, if we moved to Alaska it would be light all day for half the year and we'd never have to go to bed!" - Zac

"We still share a small bedroom, we're not spoiled, and we don't have loads of money."-Taylor

"I can clown around with the best of 'em. I am the best at getting revenge on Zac. I get my revenge down the road, not immediately. If he pulls a funny stunt one day in a hotel room, I pull one a month later at home that does more irreparable damage. That clown is gonna find himself
sleeping in a bed with a giant hole in the middle very soon. But don't tell him I did it, please!" -Isaac

"It may not be fun at the time, but if cameras follow you around everywhere, the minute that ends, you'll wish it was there." -Taylor

"I have my fun, but nobody gets hurt. I get a few laughs, a few pets might freak out, because we're running around like freaks, but that's about it." -Zac

"I actually have a good business sense and know when to cut the baloney. Fun times are basically when I'm with my bros, not 'taking a meeting' or onstage." -Zac

"I'd have to say a happy medium between The Simpsons and, unfortunately, The Waltons. We're probably not as weird as The Addams Family." - Isaac.

"Wow, I was so proud of that thing! Up until then all I'd done was click my fingersto the beat when we did a gig. I was so happy to have a proper drum kit." -Zac

"They [Taylor and Zac] don't get too out of hand, usually. But, it took them a while to learn how to pay attention during interviews and how to
act in meetings with the record company people. You can not throw food anytime you are sitting around a big table, unless it's at home. That is
the big lesson they needed to learn. Honestly, at home they would get in trouble for that too!" -Isaac

"Hair is only big, if you've got big hair." -Zac

"We have these special needles and if we get big heads, we just like, pop them!"- Zac

"We're not big partygoers," Taylor

Here's some old ones:

"Face it people,bow down to Hanson.They rock and will be around alot longer than most"-3rd Eye Blind

"Your just jealous cuz im fine and u aren't!!ZaC

 If u guys dont stop pushing I'm gonna get some really big fat guys to  goin the back and push u"- Zac (CBS)

Make your life like toliet paper..long and useful!- Zac

"We're brothers first, musicians second "- Zac

"If one of us says we want to get a face-lift, we'll just get a pan and hit them on the head"- Zac Hanson

"BONK!!! There's your face-lift!" -Taylor Hanson

Interviewer: [To Zac] How do you get your hair so shiny?
Zac: Well, I use the green goop in the swamp in the back our house. Then I get it all mushy in my hair.
Isaac: That's because you never wash it out!!
Taylor: Then he lets it dry for a week and peels it off. Then it becomes shiny.

"Over time, we found a love for music" -Isaac
"Yeah, we're engaged to it" -Zac
"We're engaged. The wedding will be pretty soon. We're just trying to get the honeymoon worked out" -Taylor

A porsche may be cool, but what happens when your careers all over and all you have to live in is your car? --Taylor

Isaac's the hopeless romantic of the group. I'm the professional and Zac's just mad (crazy) --Taylor

We're the long haired guys that look like girls--Zac

We're not a young band we're just a band who happen to be young --Ike

"I think that's his way of flicking you off." ~Taylor

"In the tour bus if something gets in your way just plow it down!" ~ Zac

"I can never be bothered to make anything so I get my Mom to make me popcorn and nachos, which are my two favourite things." - IKE

" It's just so fun for us-all these kids,and moms and dads, who love this music, it's just so cool tat all these people are having fun and
dancing and clapping to your music!" Isaac Hanson

"All these screaming guys and girls going crazy, you just have to have fun with it"- Taylor Hanson

"They're like my best friends.....only bester" Zac talking about Ike and Tay

"If the people we love are stolen away from us, the way to have them live on is to never stop loving them. Buildings burn, people die, but real love is forever" - Taylor Hanson

"Everybody love me I'm puff-brocolli" - Ike

"Put the camera down...put your hands in the air and lean against the car." - Zac, in his megaphone, to photographers

"We are made up of 2/3rds water...and then the rest is guts, muscle, bone, all kinds of gooey stuff..." - Isaac

"As we're getting older, we've been having problems with these gray hairs back here." - Taylor

"Your last name must be Gillette, cause you're the best a man can get!" - Isaac's example of a pickup line

"I've got a few years before I have to worry about all that slushy stuff." - Zac on girls

"Beep! Wrong answer!!!! Do not pass go, do not collect $200!" - Taylor

"Save a tree, eat a beaver." - Zac

"There's a world full of hot chicks out there." - Tay

"I recommend rollerblading down the hallway in a hotel, it's a heck of a lot of fun!" - Taylor

 "He has more zits, and he has a little bit less zits and I have no zits." - Zac

"Sometimes you wish you could just go home and sit there." - Taylor

"Make your life like toilet paper, long & useful." - Zac

"Girls are just the icing on the cake, or music is like a hot dog and girls are the condiments, or life is like a twinkie and girls are the sticky white stuff inside." - Zac

"I might be a wild rock'n'roller but you won't catch me peeing in public." - Taylor

"It's like we are warming up and you go 'Ike, that was a great note' and Zac goes 'That was me.' [And I'd be like] 'Oh'". - Taylor

"Zac was fighting her! Zac was like 'No! No!,' and if Jenny McCarthy tackled me, I'd be like,'Lay it on me!'" - Isaac

 Taylor: "Getting your license gives you the right to pick your nose in the car." Ike: "Absolutely. This is America."

"You know, Iím really not sure. But one thing I can tell you is there are plenty of weird people on this planet already, so we donít need any more!" - Taylor, on the existence of aliens

"We were coming out of a radio station, and there were about 20,000 people outside this station. And this 40-year-old woman jumps and grabs at my hair! I'm going, 'Have some control, woman!'" - Taylor

"Female, thats good. Normal, not alien. Human, no neosapiens. No Harry Conicks." - Zac, on what he looks for in a girl

 "Hey, you know what? Gotta be a politician." - Zac

"Itís because they all wear tight pants and that lengthens your lifespan!" - Taylor on the secret to the Spice Girls' success

"Well, Ike is going to kill me if he ever sees this, but he sleeps with a small brown teddy. It's almost as old as I am, and its got Zac beat by a few months." - Taylor

"Actually, when I get my permit, I worry for people on the sidewalk," - Taylor

"Girls are definitely very inspirational. They were made that way." - Taylor (Awww...how sweet...)

 "Everybody feels up sometimes, they feel down sometimes, sometimes they feel sideways, sometimes they feel weird." - Isaac

"I'll be called MC Zac Daddy!" - Zac

 "The Dust Brothers, they have a very clean house." -Zac

 "Who do we look up to? We look up to, usually, the people that are tall, you know, usually about 6'2" and up!" -Zac

"Wait you can't go to bed yet, it's time to wake up!!" - Ike (on Road to Albertane)

 "We're going to get really drunk..on Dr Pepper." - Taylor

 "I love Freakazoid!" -Taylor

 "There are four of them and only three of us, but we don't wear high heels" - Zac (on Hanson fighting with the Spice Girls)

 "The other day this girl asked me to sign her back and I was like 'Woaaah!' But I did it although I felt really icky. -Taylor

"We're ladybug-size." - Tay (when being compared to the Beatles)

"Ya know, we like to do normal things....ride motorcycles...." - Zac

"It's amazing, all these guys having fun, we're having fun too!" -Taylor

"How do you describe seeing something that you wrote sitting at home, the one idea goes through your head you write this song, and then you see it up there on the charts.... How do you describe that? I dont think there's really a way." - Taylor on TTMON.

 "We'll always be brothers, and we'll always be there for each other" - Isaac

 "The ego's getting a little big here, hello?!" - Isaac

 "Zac was sitting with his genius, um, mum, mum, mum, mum." - Taylor

 "Zac is going to replace Geri!" - Taylor

 "You run, they follow you. You dont run, youre dead!" - Zac

 "It's like, you're gonna argue, then it's over, and you're still together. What are you gonna do? Walk across the room and pout?" - Taylor

 "Whenever we perform, we always see people dancing in the aisles. It's nice to see people having a good time and enjoying your music." - Ike

"Ike you have big eyebrows" -Zac

 "Yeah, Zac was dropped on his head as a baby..." -Taylor

 "He is the most hyper person you'll ever meet--sometimes I want to stun him with a tranquilizer gun to get him to sit still." -Tay (about Zac)

"Zac, you are pretty fly for a white guy." -Taylor

"I'm most of the fiddler, but Ike fiddles. He'll always sit there and fiddle on the guitar." -Taylor

 "We'll read about Notre Dame, and then go to Paris to see it." -Taylor

 "I'd like to call a friend's hotline, I need a friend NOW!" -Taylor

 "I guess I'm the only real man here" - Isaac

 "I am a man with simple ideas." -Zac

 "You're no man!" -Isaac

 "People say we're too young to make music.... But what are we supposed to say? "I want to make music, but I will wait because those people say I'm not old enough'?" - Taylor

"My name is Jordan, but I go by Taylor because Taylor brings out the color of my eyes!" -Taylor

 "We were at a concert once and this guy stage dove and ended up with a wedgy. A real bad one actually!" -Ike

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