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      HANSON was in Indonesia August 5th to 9th, for their "Middle Of Nowhere Promo Tour." They doing press conference at Hard Rock Cafe Jakarta, central Jakarta, on August 6th. HANSON has made a sensation in the music industry. In only a short time, Taylor, Isaac, Zachary Hanson have managed to reach world wide tune, earning themselves the title of "Best Newcomers. "MMMBop, their first single, topped the Billboard chart for four weeks in a row. In Indonesia, their album "Middle Of Nowhere" sold 110.000 copies in just 2 months. For this achievement, they received the Platinum Award from PolyGram Indonesia. It's not just because of their easy-to-listen-to-music that HANSON has become popular ; it's just as much because of theimage the three wonder boyshave created of themselves talented, cheerful, and innocent. Imagine, Isaac 17, Taylor only 14, and Zachary 12.

      The HANSON boys started their musical career by singing their own song at school parties, music festivals, and talent scouting session in Oklahoma, USA, where they come from. They have written over 100 songs, some of which were later recorded on two CDs. Detecting their extraordinary talent, Mercury Record, a subsidiary company of PolyGram, recruited them for a hot-shot debut with the "Middle Of Nowhere" album. Great musician, like Dust Brother, Stephen Lironi, and Mark Hudson helped, prepare this album, which features alternative pop music, mixing pop, modern rock, the 70's soul and gospel.

      The three HANSON boys have good voices and are enthusiastic musician with Isaac playing the guitar, Taylor the keyboard, and Zachary the drums, which he learned at age four. Despite having chosen a musical career at a very young age, they don't feel deprived of a teenage life "Music is our hobby. Even though we work hard for it,"said Isaac. In their T-shirt, they look very muchlike other teenagers around the world. They can't forget school, either, because a teacher usually comes along on the tour

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