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  1. Ike, Tay, Zac recently signed a deal to star in a movie about their lives ! They'll play themselves -- should be must - see !
  2. When they first decided to form a group, the blond brothers called themselves "The Hanson Brothers " then "The Hansons" and, finally, just Hanson !
  3. Taylor blows out the candles on his birthday cake on March 14, 1983
  4. When they were little, before they refined their style, the three blondies would write cute songs about frogs and ants !
  5. Taylor is Hanson's lead singer
  6. Ike, Tay call Zac "Animal" after the crazy Muppets' character who's always going bonkers !
  7. Taylor 's favourite fast food is McDonald's
  8. Isaac describes himself as "stupid goofy" !
  9. What inspires the word to Hanson's songs ? "(We write about) things that happen. We're inspired by all sorts of things. Something I'll just look out the window and something clicks, " Isaac tells
  10. What made the boys write the song "Weird" ? It's a weird concept, but Ike, Tay, and Zac say "weird" is a word that everybody uses a lot and so it was an interesting idea !
  11. Isaac celebrates his birthday on November 17, 1980
  12. Middle of Nowhere is actually Hanson's third album! Before they were signed by Mercury Records, the boys' parents put up the money for them to record Boomerang in 1995 and then MMMBop in 1996.
  13. The inside of the CD package on their second album, MMMBop, included artwork done by Ike, Tay and Zac. They drew funny faces, dinosaurs, a drum set and other neat stuff!
  14. Ike, Tay and Zac have three younger siblings - Jessica, Avery and Mackenzie. Hanson baby # 7 is due in January.(Zoe Genevieve Hanson, born on January 14, 1998 at 8:19 pm in St.John's Hospital, Tulsa, Oklahoma. Weight about 7 lbs 6 oz)
  15. Look for Ike, Tay and Zac inprint ads for those "Where's your mustache?" milk ads, that have also featured celebs like Jonathan Taylor Thomas, etc
  16. Zac was born on October 22, 1985.
  17. Even though they're utterly adorable and their music appeals most to pre-teen and teen girls. Hanson does not want to be considered a "cute" band. They pass when asked by photographers to pose with stuffed animals!
  18. "MMMBop" rocketed to No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 music charts and stayed there for many weeks!
  19. Isaac plays guitar. He first started strumming after he picked up a used guitar at a pawn shop.
  20. Taylor tunes it on keyboards.
  21. Zac first began banging the drums after he found an old set in a friend's attic!
  22. The boys can't understand why some people think their being home-schooled is strange. "We love home schooling," Ike says. "It lets you focus on things you enjoy".
  23. Zac collects the mini shampoo bottles that he gets in hotels from around the world's!
  24. If you have access to the Web, you can get your Hanson fix by going to
  25. Zac has been known to pick up female fans and carry them up onstage!
  26. The brothers have a tree house in their backyard at home in Tulsa, Oklahoma.
  27. Once, when Zac, Ike and Tay were visiting NY City, they walked up to the top of the Statue of Liberty!
  28. At one time, the Hanson family owned six cats after their furry feline had five kittens and had new dog named Wickit!
  29. When the video for "MMMBop" was being planned, the director imagined a scene where the boys leave the house and then ride bikes to get to the park. But Ike, Tay and Zac had other ideas.  They wanted to take a cab and a bus - and as you can see in the video, the results were totally fun!
  30. None of the Hanson trio has a girlfriend right now, but they love scopping out the girls who come to se them perform. So make sure you stand out in the crowd if you ever get lucky enough to see one of their shows!
  31. As of this writing, Hnson has no tour dates set up, but they promise they will tour in late 1997 or early 1996.
  32. You can write ti pop music's newest stars at their Official Fan Club at this address : HITZList, P.O Box 703136, Tulsa, OK 74170.
  33. When he's thirsty, Taylor's fave refreshment is bottled water.
  34. All three of these singing superstars love the same restaurant back home in Tulsa, and it's called Rex's Boneless Chicken!
  35. Zac is a skateboarding fanatic!
  36. The first song Isaac ever wrote was called "Rain Falling Down" when he was in the third grade!
  37. When they're on the road, whether it's in the States or overseas, the Hanson boys always bring ajournal with them to record the sights they've seen and the things they've learned!
  38. Isaac loves Rollerblading and playing street hockey.
  39. Taylor lists soccer and basketball as his gave sports.
  40. Zac goes nuts for soccer !
  41. Just before their Middle of Nowhere disc was released, the brothers were given a piece of advice by a music industry veteran.  He told them that no matter what happens, even if one of the brothers, became way more popular that the others, they should always just love each other.
  42. Isaac reveals the one thing that really gets on his nerves. When he scratches his fingernails on a chalk board, it gives him goosebumps!
  43. Ike, Zac and Tay love hearing their fans screaming their names, even if it does get to be deafening sometimes!
  44. Hanson does seem to be to the '90s what The Beatles were to the '60s, but the brothers don't like to be compared to those music legends.
  45. Tay, Ike and Zac wrote or co-wrote every single song on Middle of Nowhere.
  46. Before actually getting signed to a record deal. Hanson had written 100 songs and played 200 shows!
  47. Mom and Dad Hanson are Diana and Walker.
  48. Years ago, Diana and Walker taught their boys how to sing "Amen" in harmony after saying a grace at the dinner table.
  49. According to the boys, the tunes "Lucy" and "Madeline" are not about one specific, special girl intheir live. She's just any girl! "Unfortunately they're just names," Taylor says.
  50. Before getting signed to Mercury Records. Hanson was passed over by 12 other major labels Bummer for them now!
  51. 51.Since Hanson mania hit, there have been several tell - all books written about the Tulsa trio, including Hanson : MMMBop To The Top and Hanson : An Unauthorized Biography.
  52. "Thinking Of You" the first song on Middle Of Nowhere, was written by the boys in half an hour!
  53. How do fans react when they meet Tay, Ike and Zac? Tay tells it : "It's a weird phenomenon. A lot of the guys want to be friends, and they want to come over (to our house) or something, and the girls do the "I love you" thing. It's weird!"
  54. When asked if he would ever date a girl who's so crazy for him that she shows up at his house to meet him, Tay answered, "If someone was that obsessed with you, I think it would be kind of hard, but I don't know -- if she was nice enough, I guess yes."
  55. The governor of Oklahoma, Hanson's home state, has proclaimed May 6 "Hanson Day"!.
  56. Going to Laser Quest and playing video games ranks top on Zac's list of his favouriter things to do.
  57. Do the Hanson honeys get nervous before going on national TV talk shows? "Nah! If you get nervous, you don't act like the natural you,"Taylor explains.
  58. What do the brothers say to critics who might call them a one-hit wonder?"We're not a novelty act, and we don't plan to be,"Ike insist. "I'm sure people will say that. It's just their perception of it. We love to make music, and we love doing what we're doing."
  59. Once in a while, Zac does his hair in braids!
  60. Zac, Hanson's drummer boy, jokingly says he's got to watch out or little bro Mackenzie will steal his place in the band. "He's got the rhythm! "Zac says.
  61. "MMMBop" was originally written as a background part for another song, until it was decided it would be a great song on its own!
  62. What does Ike like in a girl?"When I find out, I tell you,"he promises. "And if I limit myself to something, I would prove myself wrong."
  63. Zac thinks the best part of being in a hit group is getting the experince and getting to go to different places.
  64. Zac says he loved spending time in Italy because they have great food.
  65. Ike, Tay, and Zac realize that their fans who write to them would love to get back a personally written response, and say, "We love to respond to as many as we can, but look at it now -- there are 13.000 online!"
  66. Ike's full name is Clarke Isaac Hanson.
  67. Tay's was born Jordan Taylor Hanson.
  68. Zac's legal name is Zachary Walker Hanson.
  69. Even with all their success, Hanson is still amazed to see themselves on MTV."To be played on MTV as much as we're getting played is incredible -- we didn't think people would think we're cool enough!"Ike says.
  70. So far, Hanson's biggest audiences have numbered a few thousand -- are they nervous about an upcoming tour, during which they'd be singing in front of thousand more?"We're not nervous at all -- we can't wait to get out and do it! "Tay tells.
  71. A theme in a bunch of Hanson's tunes is love and friendship, and they write from the heart even though none of the boys has yet experinced a guy/girl love relationship!
  72. Ike's favorite color is green.
  73. Tay loves anything the color red.
  74. Zac digs blue.
  75. Zac lovers beware -- he consider himself a romantic!
  76. During the filming of the videos for "MMMBop" and "Where's The Love, "the brothers spent their downtime doing school work, not messing around, as you might expect teen boys to do.
  77. "Music can't be about the fame or the money or any of that stuff,"says Taylor. "You have to really love it."
  78. During Hanson's stage shows, their style totally varies. "Originally, we would all sort of match and be color coordinated. But we said, this is a littlecorny, so .... we still kind of coordinated the color, but we really just wear what we want to wear, what's comfortable."
  79. "We're best friends,"tells Taylor.
  80. The first time Hanson heard "MMMBop" on the radio, they were riding in a van. "We cranked it up -- it was awesome!"says Taylor.
  81. The first tunes that inspired Hanson were from The Supremes, Aretha Franklin, The Four Tops, Otis Redding -- "all the original rock 'n rollers."
  82. "MMMBop is about a relationship, "explains Isaac. "The first verse says,'You have so many relationships in this life, only one or two will last, you go through all the pain and strife, then you turn your back and they gone so fast. 'And so, yeah, it's much more intense than the chorus sounds,and 'MMMBop' is actually a frame of time."
  83. "Our parents are completely behind us, and they always have been,"says Taylor. "They've always said, 'You can stop if you want to, and we'll be totally behind you. 'I think their best advice is, 'You have to love it!"
  84. Mercury Records signed Hanson as an act after seeing them perform outside a bar. They weren't old enough to go and play inside the bar!
  85. Because their dad, Walker, worked for an oil drilling company, Isaac, Taylor, and Zachary lived in a lot of different places while growing up, including Ecuador, Venezuela, and Trinidad.
  86. What does Taylor think when people comment that with his delicate, fine looks he could pass for a girl?"That happens a lot. I don't mind -- it's pretty funny!"
  87. When Hanson was recording Middle Of Nowhere, Taylor's voice changed half - way through!"If you listen closely, you'll hear my voice is about four notes lower at the end than it was in the beginning, "he says. They worked around it, and the finished product is fine!
  88. Not everybody in the world adores Hanson. The boys say once in a while people will yell cruel remarks at them about their music being terrible. But Taylor says, "Everybody has their opinion. That's part of life -- it's fine."
  89. As a Pisces, Tay would make a great date. He'd be way romantic, and would probably be into the whole sending flowers and teddy bears thing!
  90. The Hanson head honcho, Walker, is so proud of his son that he videotape their concerts and appearances with a hand-held recorder!
  91. After some of their performances, the brothers throw beach balls into the crowd!
  92. Taylor's favorite way to wear his hair is parted down the middle and tucked behind his ears.
  93. Zac's fans know he likes to draw cartoons and doodle most anything, but did you know if he doesn't have any art supplies on hand, he'll use whatever's within' reach? He's been seen in a restaurant using ketchup and honey to create a masterpiece!
  94. Don't be surprised if Tay and Zac get braces on their teeth someday. Afterall, oldest bro Ike has 'em!
  95. When Hanson does eventually go on tour in the States and maybe Canada, you can bet the whole Hanson clan will tag along!
  96. Expect for dad Walker, every member of the Hanson family has really blond hair!
  97. Tay, Zac and Ike don't just write songs about love and mushy stuff! They've penned tunes for each of their siblings. "Funny Bunny" is about Jessica, "Baby Avie" is about Avery and "Mackey Baby" is for Mackenzie.
  98. Unlike Tay, whose neck is usually covered in chokers, Ike isn't big on jewelry. He wears a silver ring on the middle finger of his left hand and a wristwatch -- that's about it!
  99. Tay wears a beeper! Of course, the number is a top secret -- and Tay wears it on the back of his waist to keep it from view!.
  100. Expect to be hearing lots more music from these blond tornadoes, 'cause when they signed with their record company, they agreed to do six albums!
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