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place my banner on your website??
(If you had a banner want to place in Merry's LoveHanson Page link page,just send me the HTML tag)
All you have to do just cut and paste this HTML tag and paste it on your Homepage
<!--Start Cut//-->
<br><a href =""><img src=""></a>
<!--end of Code//-->

and it will preview like this:
Merry's LoveHanson Page Banner

Site Of HANSON Bros

The Official Hanson Site!!!
Blonde Ambition

Jordan Taylor "TAY" Hanson
Merry's Taylor Hanson Page-->this is mine, my second HANSON page.

Also check out this page : "Tay MMMButt Page"
Itz very funny, you will laugh more !

do you have a Hanson site???
Why don't you give the URL to me, I'll be put it in here....
send email to me with your name, url site and of course the name of site...

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