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Mac in Jakarta, Indonesia

This pic was take from when HANSON came to my country, Indonesia especially from their show on Indosiar. And that man is from PolyGram (Mercury Record)
Please don't take....
Nicknames : Mackenzie, Mackie, Mac
  • Mac's 7 years old, but he's no longer the baby of the family!
  • Mackie has light blonde hair thats kinda long in the back.
  • His eyes are brown.
  • Mackie is Zac's biggest fan. He even looks like him! He's a crazy, spunky, normal little boy.
  • It has been said that he and Zac are really close, and Zac even offers to babysit for him!! Well, they do look soooo much alike!!
  • Mackie even sounds like a little Zac!
  • His older bros wrote a lulaby for him when he was a baby! (Oooohhh!!!)
  • At Arthur Ashe Kid's Day...the family had a box suite, and everyone was staying inside, EXCEPT for Mackenzie! He would keep running out to watch the tennis was adorable!
  • He is the most adorable little guy you've ever seen.
  • You can see him if you taped Fox After Breakfast...a guy is holding him. They are standing to the right of Avery. Mackie starts waving and they just cant stop him...that is the absolute cutest thing on earth!!!!Also he is on "Tulsa, Tokyo, and the Middle of Nowhere," more times than any of the other family members!!
  • One thing that does scare Mackie though?? Screaming girls!!!!! Well.. at the rate this little tyke is going.. he'll end up looking just like Zachary.. so get used to the girls Mac :-) !!!
  • If you have another info of him, please send it to me - I'll give the credit!

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