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Walker in Jakarta, Indonesia

Walker in my country Jakarta, Indonesia.
He's with Hanson's bodyguard, Jason Browning and with Mac, in Lawrys Plaza Senayan Jakarta for lunch.
  • He's 46 years old, his b'day date : 23 January 54, and the father of seven!!!
  • Yes that is his namesake...Zachary WALKER Hanson just below him in that picture...his other namesake is, of course CLARKE Isaac Hanson.
  • The only color passed down to his kids are his dark eyes.. which Isaac, Zac, Avie and Mackenzie got.
  • Walker grew up in Tulsa, OK, and many of his relatives still live there.
  • He wasnt homeschooled fact, he and Diana met at Nathan Hale High in Tulsa
  • He has thick, dark brown hair and a moustache to match. Also he sometimes has a gotee too!
  • He's tall, probably about 6'0" or 6'1" cause he's taller than Isaac.
  • His eyes are brown.
  • He is a big guy (not fat, just not skinny)...I think he looks like he's very strong.
  • His voice sounds a lot like Ike's, but even deeper.
  • Walker plays guitar and piano. In fact, whethey were living in South America, the family would get together for 30 min every night, and he would play the guitar while they would sing along.
  • Also, he played the guitar in the traveling gospel group, "The Horizons," with Diana.
  • At his sons' concert, you almost never see him without a camera or a camera recorder.
  • You can see him a lot in "Tulsa, Tokyo, and the Middle of Nowhere," also he taped most of the video himself...and when Tay is getting those spring rolls in Indonesia (my country), Walker is the one taping and talking to him!!!
  • Walker travels with the boys all the time.
  • He even quit his job as head accountant for the Tulsa oil company, Helmerich & Payne, Inc., just to help manage and to tour with his sons.
  • He once said something like if you dont spend time with your kids you have nothing to show for your life because they are your true legacy.
  • Obviously he loves his family more than anything.
  • He plays the piano and the guitar, and devotes all his time and love to his children.
  • If you have another info of him, please send it to me - I'll give the credit!

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