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Ike in Jakarta, Indonesia
Ike in Hotel Sahid Jaya Jakarta, Indonesia.

  • Full name: Clarke Isaac Hanson
  • Nickname: Ike, and he was given "Chewbacca" by Taylor and Zac
  • I heard that Zac also calls him "Brace face." (what a sweet little brother)
  • Eyes: brown
  • Hair: dark blonde & naturally curly
  • Isaac was born on November 17, 1980, which makes him a Scorpio!
  • Isaac was born in Tulsa, Okhaloma
  • Age: 19 (how sweet!)
  • Height: 5'11"
  • Weight: around 130 lbs. (Isn't he SKINNY??)
  • Shoe size: between 14-15 (can someone please varify?)
  • Favorite ice cream flavor: vanilla (a bit plain, but ok)
  • Favorite color: green (he also likes brown)
  • Favorite band: Aerosmith
  • Status: He's single!!
  • He considers himself "stupid goofy"
  • Did you know that Ike can do an excellent imitation of Butt-head, as in Beavis And Butt-head?It's true and it's really something you've gotta see for yourself to get the full effect!
  • Isaac has a very sweet, serious, yet moody personality. He breaks into song a lot. (how adorable)
  • He names his guitar after girls that he likes
  • He's known as the serious one
  • He's very romantic and Taylor says "Ike is the kind of guy who thought that he was going to be married in the 3rd gade." (cute, huh?)
  • He's right-handed
  • He loves Science and technical things with lots of buttons and has even been writing a sci-fi novel for about 2 years!
  • Loves his leather jacket
  • Has clear braces
  • Bites his nails (very bad!)
  • Has a navy blue toothbrush
  • Has a drivers license and he has a Jaguar corvette white (WOW!!!) or green VW Bettle
  • Can immitate Butthead, Bullwinkle, and Kermit the Frog
  • Likes soccer, rollerblading, basketball (basketball rules!), and rollerhockey
  • Always wears a ring around his left middle finger which is a plain silver ring
  • Sleeps in boxers
  • He plays the guitar, piano, and does vocals
  • Once, when Zac made him mad, Isaac told him that there was a monster under his bed. Zac got so scared because he thought he saw it, so Isaac felt bad and slept with him. (Oh! What a good big brother!)
  • Taylor once put glue in Isaac's hair so he had to shave it all off! Evil little brother sometimes, huh?
  • Isaac once fell out of a plumb tree when he was younger! (Poor Isaac!)
  • Just a little story about Isaac (which has not been varified): After a date that he had, Taylor went and read his diary. In the diary, Taylor read that Isaac kissed the girl after the date, and she ran home crying! Sad, sad, sad, sad! I wouldn't run away Isaac!

  • Check out his Quote :)

    If you have another info of him, please send it to me - I'll give the credit!

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