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Puyallup Tribe of Indians

My sister Vicki and her friend Bonnie, Washington State Dart Finals, A.D.O.I.

Me, my sister Vicki, friends Robert and Roger
2nd Annual Chief's Classic Golf Tournament - 1997

Vicki cleaning the cleats on her shoes and watching us guys at the Tee
2nd Annual Chief's Classic Golf Tournament - 1998

Vicki enjoying the view of the eighteenth hole from the nineteenth hole at the clubhouse. The 2nd Annual Chief's Classic Golf Tournament - 1998. We finished 7th with a 68 in a four man scramble.

Vicki showing her moves, she had the 3-Time World Boxing Champ - Greg Haugen in a headlock and was going to punch him, or maybe she was just playing for the cameras.

Vicki's family, Bettina and Precious with Anthony in front. Anthony is Precious's son, which makes my little sister Vicki a grandma. I hope that doesn't mean she is getting old, because that would make me even older.

Dad, Mom, Suzy,
Karen, Robert, Me, Renee, Jody, Lisa, Rob, Ty,

Dakota Ghost - My Wolf

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