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Daniel J. Satiacum

Puyallup Tribe of Indians

Currently Unemployed.

To All My Relations.
My name is
Chief Daniel James Satiacum. I’m a Duwamish and Quilieute Indian (But) enrolled in the Puyallup Tribe. My Great-Grandfather was Chief Charlie Satiacum, the last Chief of the Duwamish Tribe. My father, Chief Robert Satiacum fought for the aboriginal rights of all Indians.

My picture appears in a history book fishing with my father in 1962. That is before Marlon Brando and the start of the Fishing Wars on the Puyallup and Nisqually Rivers.

In 1970 the Indian Commerce Wars started with the establishment of smoke shops and fireworks sales. In 1976 the Indian Casino Wars started. After the Lucky Indian Casino raid, the FBI report to the U.S. District Court in Seattle characterized me as a “Jack of All Trades”, I worked all levels from maintenance to management.

In 1976, I opened American Brokers and American Beverage selling cigs and booze to smoke shops. I loaned stock to Tribes and Individuals wishing to start a business.

Yes, I was there before and during the battles that made this Tribe, and all other Tribes that followed our lead, into what we have become today. I participated in other Indian activities. I was at the Occupation of Alcatraz in 1969 and the Trails of Broken Treaties in 1972. These activities opened my eyes to the problems other of Tribes and how my actions could and would help them.,

At the end of the Indian occupation of Alcatraz, the Nixon Administration abolished the Assimilation and Termination Policy formed by Democrats and created a new Indian Policy. In 1970, the Nixon Administration returned a million acres to several Tribes in several States. Following the Trail of Broken Treaties adventure in 1972, President Nixon returned several million more acres to several tribes in several States. Success!

It was the Indian Business people who worked with the Republicans to create the Indian Self-Determination Act. Republican Presidents appointed Judge Boldt, Judges in the 9th District Court of Appeals and the majority of the Judges in the U.S. Supreme Court. Almost all Indian battles went before these Judges and the Courts did rule in our favor.

Please, Always Vote Republican
Thank You!

Confidential - Government Secrets

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