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Daniel J. Satiacum

Awards & Rings

I would like to thank these people that believe my site is worthy of these Awards.

The most recent Award I received is the Chiefs' Award.

The page that I created for my Wolf named Dakota won an Award too. The Chiefs' Award and the Wolfs' Award came from the same guy, a double thanx to you Mox.

Another Award from the good people in Canada. Canuck, thanx Glen

My first Award came from the Largest Sports Fishing Zine on the Web. My Fish Story page blasted the Agricultural, Industrial, Logging and other politically incorrect interests for the fishing habitats being destroyed. You will have to read the story for more information on what you can do to help the sport fishery in your area. Thank you Shawnie.

Adventure Angler
Great Fishing Page

The second Award came from those "Mermaids" that love the sea. I love the creeks, streams, rivers, bays and the ocean too, that is why I wrote the Fish Story page. Thank you Sue.

Suebie's Mermaid Award for an Awesome Site

The Shelley & Courtney TV Fishing Show enjoyed my site and content well enough to present me with this Award. The Shelley & Courtney TV Fishing Show is seen on cable TV in Canada and in the Pacific Northwest. They recently have expanded to the Southeastern States too. Thank you Courtney, Shelly and Todd.

Visit Shelley& Courtney
The TV Fishing Show

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