Keb's Witchin' Notebook

This page is no longer being updated, though it will remain here for reference.

This page contains information that I have collected on my own from the Discworld MUD, which mostly pertains to belonging to the Witches' Guild. If you're new to the Discworld MUD and want to be a witch, or are thinking about it, check out the section for Wette Hennes.

I am a proud member of the Casaubon Family.

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Last update: 20:55 Tokyo Time, Sunday, May 27th, 2007.

My disclaimer: I don't promise that my information is correct nor complete--only that I'll try to be as accurate as possible. Feel free to email me with any glaring errors you find. All Discworld names, ideas, and so on belong to Terry Pratchett etc. and those from the MUD belong to it. No infringement on anyone's rights is intended.

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