Witch Spells

Witches are magical, and therefore can cast spells. Granny Weatherwax, arguably the most powerful witch on the Discworld, will grudgingly teach a small number of the spells she knows to fellow witches. If you want the official list of what spells she's currently willing to teach you, ask Nanny Ogg, who likes to hang out near Granny's cottage, what spells Granny knows.

The last time I asked Nanny, she told me that Granny might teach me the following spells:

You can also learn Jorodin's Magnificent Talker, but not from Granny.

Well, now, it's pretty useful knowing what to ask Granny to teach you, but it's far more useful knowing what all those spells are supposed to do. Click on the spell name to learn more about that spell. If you want to know whether you can cast it yet, you can get a good idea by using Focus Tea.

Mother Twinter's Yarrow Enchantment

Components: One stalk of yarrow (can be dried or pickled), the item to be enchanted.
Consumes: One stalk of yarrow.
Skills: Evoking, Enchanting, and Chanting.
Effect: Causes the item to be enchanted to a certain level, depending on several factors. Can be repeated to obtain a higher level of enchantment. Enchantment provides a protection and an extra bite to clothing and weapons; they will be stronger and last longer.
Notes: Enchanting within a circle will usually make it easier to achieve a higher level of enchantment. Witches can usually enchant to a Steady Octarine Glow, once their skill in enchantment is high enough, which is the fifth level of enchantment and will not fade over time. Higher levels fade and can usually only be achieved using a wizard spell. This is one of the first spells a Wette Henne can convince Granny to teach her, and can be a source of income for the Wette Henne as well--many cizitens of the Disc like to have their things enchanted, or will ask to know what level of enchantment their previously enchanted items are at.

Hag's Blessing

Components: None.
Consumes: Nothing.
Type: Miscellaneous.
Skills: Divining, Charming, Summoning.
Effect: Summons a swarm of fireflies to surround and follow you, providing light for a duration. The fireflies will eventually fly off.
Crystal Color: Amethyst Crystals have been imbued with this spell.
Notes: Can only be successfully cast outside. Can be imbued into a crystal; wearing the crystal will summon fireflies to surround the wearer continually until the crystal breaks. This is one of the most useful spells and one of the first spells a Wette Henne can learn.

Grammer Scorbic's Household Guard

Components: A kitchen utensil to be floated--Knives and frying pans are commonly used items.
Consumes: Nothing.
Type: Defensive.
Skills: Evoking, Channeling, Binding.
Effect: The kitchen utensil begins to float around you. It will provide defense while fighting.
Notes: Heavier objects are more difficult to float, but may take more damage. Floating multiple objects will eventually cause one or more to be knocked out of orbit. Also, an object will eventually be knocked out of orbit if it blocks enough blows during fighting.

Mother Brynda's Call of Gravity

Components: A willow withe.
Consumes: Nothing (though you will need to remember to pick up the withe again when you are done).
Type: Offensive.
Skills: Evoking, Channeling, Binding.
Effect: Causes all items floating around the target to fall to the ground.
Notes: Most often cast upon oneself when you need to do something to your floaters, it could also be fun to cast upon unwary Wizzies with their floating sheilds. However, it is PK-checked, so you can only cast it on others if you are both PK.

Granny Lipintense's Layer of Lard

Components: An Eel Skin and a Duck Feather.
Consumes: The Duck Feather.
Type: Miscellaneous.
Skills: Dancing, Charming, Channeling.
Effect: Will make the target more resistant to water.
Crystal Color: Aquamarine crystals have been imbued with this spell.
Notes: Can also be imbued in a crystal for a similar effect for the wearer until the crystal breaks, which doesn't require the components. Rumor is that it makes you more buoyant when swimming as well as keeping the rainwater from making you catch cold.

Mama Blackwing's Potent Preserver

Components: A lit candle and a frog, plus the food to be preserved.
Consumes: Nothing.
Type: Miscellaneous.
Skills: Fire, Chanting, Channeling, Water.
Effect: Instantly dries the food item, shrivelling it, making it lighter, and preventing it from going rotten.
Notes: Very useful as an alternative to pickling for yarrow stalks, apples, and whatever other spell components you carry around. It apparently is not as nourishing for Fruitbats, however; I find it better to Pickle Flyta's melon supply and have her carry it.

Wee Flaudia's Fluffy Ear Muffs

Components: None.
Consumes: Nothing.
Type: Defensive.
Skills: Chanting, Channeling, Air.
Effect: Makes the target able to resist the Hedgehog Song.

Goodie Whemper's Apple Divination

Components: One unpeeled apple, a knife, and a talisman item.
Consumes: The apple's peel.
Type: Miscellaneous.
Skills: Channeling, Divining.
Effect: The apple peel will reveal the name of the owner if the talisman has been bonded to someone.
Notes: Useful for returning items to their rightful owner or determining whether an item has been bonded (though there are usually other signs, such as not being able to use it, if it has been bonded).

Banishing of Unnatural Urges

Components: None.
Consumes: Nothing.
Type: Defensive.
Skills: Conjuring, Fire, Banishing.
Effect: Makes the target temporarilly more resistant to temptation.
Crystal color: Ruby crystals have been imbued with this spell.
Notes: Especially useful when Nadow is hanging around.

Banishing of Prying Eyes

Components: None.
Consumes: Nothing.
Type: Defensive.
Skills: Air, Banishing, Abjuring.
Effect: Makes the target harder to scry.
Crystal Color: Jet crystals have been imbued with this spell.
Notes: Jet crystals are the most expensive in shops, and PKs tend to like them.

Banishing of Loquacious Spirits

Components: None except a talker of some kind.
Consumes: Nothing.
Type: Miscellaneous.
Skills: Scrying, Abjuring, Banishing.
Effect: Untalkerizes an item that has been made into a talker.
Notes: If this spell backfires, you may find another item in your inventory has been made into a talker. This could get quite annoying if you fail too many times in a row and there are mulitiple conversations going on at the time.

Granny Beedle's Cooperative Credits

Components: A large Hag Stone imbued with a trick, a quill (held), and a bit of paper.
Consumes: Nothing.
Type: Miscellaneous
Skills: Talisman, Chanting, Scrying, Divining.
Effect: Reveals information about a trick.
Notes:More information on tricks on my
Tricks page.

Mama Kolydina's Instant Infestation

Components: A lump of sugar or a sugar cube.
Consumes: The lump of sugar or sugar cube.
Type: Defensive.
Skills: Summoning, charming, chanting, binding, and cursing.
Effect: Summons a shield of insects that will defend the caster from most physical attacks during combat. The insects will eventually all die in combat, or fly away on their own. There are a variety of insects that will answer the summons; which one is random, but better insects will come to those with better skills. Insects will not only defend the witch, but they may also attack whoever is fighting with her. The effects vary from insect type to insect type. The types of insects include butterflies, gnats, moths, mosquitoes, lacewings, butterflies, stick insects, termites, crickets, and Assassin bugs.
Notes: This spell can be imbued in a crystal, which will be amber colored. The insects summoned by the wearer of a crystal will come and go like fireflies. Some damage will get through the spell. It reportedly does not always work well with TPA. Flying will diminish the strength of the insect shield, and swimming will cause the insects to leave. The shield can be stacked, if one manages to summon the same sort of insects as are already surrounding her.

Granny Benedict's Bond of Loyalty

Components: A talisman to be bonded.
Consumes: Nothing.
Type: Miscellaneous.
Skills: Talisman, Summoning, Charming, Binding.
Effect: Bonds the talisman to the target. The talisman will only be usable by the target from then on.
Notes: Bonded talismans can be traced back to their owners using Goody Whemper's Apple Divination. Various rules apply across different guilds to bonded talismans. They can only be unbonded if they are bonded to the witch who is unbonding them, or by PK witches if they belong to a PK.

Gammer Tumult's Amalgamator

Components: Two or more clube badges to be combined.
Consumes: The extra badges, or all of them if you fail properly.
Skills: Evoking, Weaving, Binding.
Effect: Combines two or more club badges into a single badge, allowing you to use one badge to access multiple club commands.
Notes: Failure can result in the badges all being destroyed, and a badger coming into existence. It seems to be easier to combine two badges than to combine several. This is a fairly difficult spell.

Gammer Shorga's Helpful Undergrowth

Components: One smelly seed.
Consumes: One smelly seed.
Type: Offensive.
Skills: Animating, Cursing.
Effect: Causes vines to grow up around the legs of the target, trapping them in place for a longish period of time.
Notes: Very useful when fighting, as it allows you to escape and recover without being followed, or press your advantage without having to pursue the victim. It is often used by witches in conjunction with Mother Feelbright's Busy Bees, because victims will often try to run to escape the bees.

Nanny Revere's Traitorous Talisman

Components: A bonded Talisman.
Consumes: Nothing.
Type: Miscellaneous.
Skills: Talisman, Divining, Chanting, Charming.
Effect: Removes the bonding from a bonded talisman.
Notes: Bonded talismans can be traced back to their owners using Goody Whemper's Apple Divination. Various rules apply across different guilds to bonded talismans. They can only be unbonded if they are bonded to the witch who is unbonding them, or by PK witches if they belong to a PK.

Mother Harblist's Fruity Flyer

Components: One apple (slices will work as well, so it is wise to use portions of apples so you don't run out).
Consumes: One apple.
Skills: Summoning, Charming, Chanting, Dancing.
Effect: Calls a loyal Fruitbat to your side, which will follow you and carry your belongings for you so long as you keep it well fed.
Notes: You get to name your bat! But you do not get to choose the sex; it will be random. Fruitbats are quite strong and can carry a lot, though like anyone they can only carry so many items before dropping things. This is a very difficult spell to manage; I think most witches can't manage it until they've gotten at least their tenth wart, and that only with a lot of stat and skill help. Bats can be attacked and killed; they can lose items (which will not be replaced by liasons)...and they really need a whole page to themselves.

Mother Feelbright's Busy Bees

Components: A varying number of dollops of honey.
Consumes: The honey.
Type: Offensive.
Skills: Shaping, Summoning, Charming, Air.
Effect: A swarm of bees will attack the victim, with fewer and fewer stings over time.
Notes: This is the rare spell that uses non-magical skills, which makes it a bit trickier. Throwing is apparently used in deciding whether or not you hit. The number of dollops used is directly proportional to how many bees will arrive; however it is also proportional to how difficult the spell is to succeed with. Be ready to fight when you've successfully cast it, as most targets will immediatly attack once stung by the first wave.

Delusions of Grandeur

Components: An item to become a talisman.
Consumes: Nothing.
Type: Miscellaneous.
Skills: Divining, Convoking, Enchanting.
Effect: Will make the item amiable to the concept of taking on a name and slowly becoming a proper talisman.
Notes: It requires some work on the part of the owner to complete the turning to a talisman. It can be undone through mocking or ignoring prior to turning, but after the talisman has turned it is permanent. Pandering consists of using the Talisman's new name constantly, showing it off, and talking about it out loud. For more detail, check out my page on

Biddy Amble's Bee Buzzer

Components: None.
Consumes: None.
Type: Miscellaneous.
Skills: Charming, Dancing, Chanting, Herbal.
Effect: Will cause the bees to become more productive in making honey.

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