In order to do your own embroidery, you will need a few supplies: Thread, an embroidery needle, an embroidery book, an embroidery unpicker (in case of errors), and clothes to embroider. You also should brush up on your needleworking skills; some patterns are much more difficult than others. You can embroider both a pattern and text on a garment, but only one pattern per item. It would be far too cluttered otherwise.

Supplies can be purchased at several locations, including the Ninja guild shop, Mrs. Armitage's shop on Loom Alley, and Flossette Crossweave's shop in Bad Ass. Not all the shops are equally stocked, and there are other shops, such as Nicolette's, that sell thread and needles. Threads come in a wide variety of colors. Some NPCs also offer embroidering services, such as Flossette.


Scenes and Symbols of Ankh-Morpork
Available at the Loom Alley shop
Patterns: Cabbage, AM Daily, sausage inna bun, the Tower of Art, and the Ankh-Morpork coat of arms.

Easy Embroidery for Beginners
Available at the Loom Alley shop
Patterns: some daisies, different shaped love hearts, a cat with a ribbon, and various musical symbols.

Embroidery Patterns For The Modern Ninja
Available at the Ninja Guild
Patterns: a peony, a good luck symbol in satin stitch, a throwing star, a lotus flower, a cherry tree in full blossom, a grasshopper, a turtle, a serpent, a dancing crane, tiger, a wingless dragon, and a butterfly.

Embroidery Patterns with Religious Themes
Available at the Loom Alley shop
Patterns: falling raindrops, clothes, a fluffy bunny, a maze, a party hat, a fishing rod, and human hearts.

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