Witches Around the Disc

There are many established witches around the Discworld who offer various services. Many of them also offer assistance to their sister witches, through information, teaching, or the use of their cottages and gardens. I've taken a brief census of the witches around the Disc--who they are, where they live, and what skills they're willing to share with other witches. You may need to know the language in a witch's area to learn skills from the, at least to about level 60 spoken. This is a work in progress and it is admittedly incomplete. I'll be looking for others as I wander the Disc, especially in Genua. Also, warts may vary--I haven't confirmed this fact yet, but some of these ladies managed to grow a few while I wasn't looking.

Name: Granny Esmerelda Weatherwax
Warts: 0
Location: Granny's Cottage, Bad Ass, Ramtops
Notes: Granny teaches all witch spells and witches can advance their skills in whatever room she's in. She wanders around her cottage, but is always inside; she sometimes fades for a lark. She is also the main contact person for the person who wants to be a witch. Her cottage is well-stocked with many of the things a witch requires, though most items can be acquired at other witch spots on the Disc as well.

Name: Nanny Gytha Ogg
Warts: 100
Location: Outside Granny's Cottage, east of the front door, Bad Ass, Ramtops
Notes: Nanny will tell you what spells Granny knows, teach certain commands, and the hedgehog song. She also gives out sweeties, is very friendly, and has a dirty mind. Granny can't be having with her at all, and they're best friends. Pewsey is her grandson, and yes, she's related to all the other Oggs around the Disc. Her house is in Lancre.

Name: Agnes 'Perdita X' Nitt
Warts: 38
Location: Agnes' Cottage, Mad Stoat, Ramtops
Notes: Agnes teaches glancing. She lives in the cottage that used to belong to Magrat before Magrat moved on to queening; the cottage has some good research notes from a witch that lived there even earlier about making tricks. There are some supplies available there, especially for brewing, and a garden.

Name: Elmira
Warts: 30
Location: Elmira's cottage, Razorback, Ramtops
Notes: Elmira makes custom fruitbat clothing. And she likes fruitbats obsessively.

Name: Ethel Applebaum
Warts: 19
Location: Ethel's cottage by the Shadoof, Scrogden, south of the garden
Notes: Ethel teaches Blinking and knows a little about tea making ingredients. Her cottage has a few basic supplies.

Name: Gennie Applebottom
Warts: 58
Location: Gennie's cottage, by the Willows and Holofernes Streets, Ankh-Morpork
Notes: Gennie offers advice and assistance in the form of taliswomans to young aspiring witches. Her cottage is well stocked for tea making. She also teaches Bandage.

Name: Goodie Darncliff
Warts: 6
Location: Utensil shop in Bad Ass, Ramtops
Notes: Goodie Darncliff sells kitchen utensils.

Name: Harmony Stardancer
Warts: 0
Location: Harmony's shop, Treacle Street, near the Widdershins gate of AM
Notes: Harmony sells occult jewelery, circling equipment, and a few other useful items. She's not a very successful witch, but she's got a good business going all the same.

Name: Hilta Goatfounder
Warts: 15
Location: Stall in the northeast corner of Ohulan Cutash's square
Notes: Hilta sells tricks that are famous enough, as well as crystals and a few witchy items in her stall. In her back room there is a workroom with some unique supplies like crystals.

Name: Khin-Bin-Lap
Warts: 55
Location: Roaming Caravan in Djelibeybi
Notes: The sisters in the caravan teach Squinching, tell fortunes, and have a number of supplies availble in the caravan for witchy use. The caravan wanders around Djelibeybi.

Name: Lip-Bibh-Khin
Warts: 45
Location: Roaming Caravan in Djelibeybi
Notes: The sisters in the caravan teach Squinching, tell fortunes, and have a number of supplies availble in the caravan for witchy use. The caravan wanders around Djelibeybi.

Name: Mad Gammer Nudity
Warts: 42
Location: Gammer Nudity's cottage, Razorback, Ramtops
Notes: Mad Gammer Nudity teaches ogling. Can't get much more out of her, it seems.

Name: Mama Diksha
Warts: 35
Location: Shelter off of Ming Lane, Bes Pelargic
Notes: Mama Diksha teaches winking, and runs a shop with circle components, crystals, and other witch components. She has basic herbs growing outside her shop.

Name: Millie Hopgood
Warts: 10
Location: Millie's cottage, Slice, Ramtops
Notes: Millie knows a lot about squinting, and will teach other witches how as well as teaching the methods scathing and eyeing. She will happily tell you what she knows about other methods, if you ask her nicely. Her cottage also has some witchy ammenities.

Name: Mum Blithesome
Warts: 35
Location: Mum Blithesome's cottage in Sto Lat, near the cemetary
Notes: Mum teaches peering. Her cottage is stocked with the usual witchy paraphanalia.

Name: Nadow
Warts: 12
Location: Wandering the streets of AM
Notes: Nadow carries a basket of poisoned apples and likes to tempt others with them. She is a popular target to be killed as a result. Her witchy items are useful when she's killed. To protect yourself or friends from her temptations, use Banishing of Unnatural Urges.

Name: Old Auntie Ogg-San
Warts: 80
Location: Ogg-San's hut, Agatea
Notes: Auntie Ogg-San will do just about anything Granny would do, only in Agatean--advance skills, teach spells, etc. Her cramped hut contains the essentials of witchery in it, as well.

Name: Ptricka-Ptreat
Warts: 25
Location: Retrophrenologist's office, Djelibeybi
Notes: Ptricka-Ptreat is the Djelian Retrophrenlogist, which means she'll rearrange your stats occasionally for a fee.

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