The Real Keb

The real Keb is also sometimes called Becky. My birthday is March 3rd, 1980, my bloodtype is A+, I'm the oldest of three siblings, I'm American, and I'm Christian. I am a JET living and teaching in Nagasaki, Japan. Despite years of study, I have yet to master more than the basics of Japanese, but I am studying hard. I aspire to be a famous author (and yes, I have actually written some things--including my winning 2005 and 2006 NaNoWriMo novels). Among my hobbies are reading, gaming (Nintendo DS!), Renaissance Faires and other historical venues, sewing (yes, I'm a seamstress), and discussing everything under the sun with my family via IMs. I like cats, but I don't have one, yet.

I've been playing the Discworld MUD since I was a student at Ohio State in November of 2001. Keb is the only character I've ever played seriously, and really the only character I have any desire to play. I cherish the friends that I've made on the Disc--just one more wonderful thing that I've gotten from reading the Discworld books. I read Mort and Wyrd Sisters at about the same time somewhere around 1996 and except for the most recent releases, I think I've read the whole series, and met Mr. Pratchett (swoon!) twice at signings. Wyrd Sisters remains one of my favorite books; I've a lot in common with all the Witches and when I learned about the MUD there wasn't even a blink of a question about what guild I would join.

Anyhow, there's probably not much here that someone on the Disc doesn't already know about me. I'm pretty transparent. Maybe one too many enchantings, right?

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