Dameer's Wedding Album

Keb and Susannetta
Andrew and Keb
Flamore, Dameer, and Andrew
Kiki, Keb, Dameer, and Andrew

Keb and Susannetta discuss estranged motherhood in the throne room of the DJB palace.

Andrew runs into an indignant Keb outside Dr. Fraud's office in AM

Flamore considers the situation while Dameer considers her brandy and Andrew tries to look like furniture.

Keb with her children and pets overlooking the Djel. From right to left: Kiki ambushes a sneaky spy while Princess Lottie watches, Suitcase and Flyta sneak nibbles of of each other's melon supply, Keb feeds Shimmer a mushroom, and Andrew fails to protest as Dameer wraps his arms around her waist.

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