Witchy Items

Some items that every witch will probably want at some time or another. Click the item to learn more about it, like what it is and where you might look to find one.

Pointy Black Hat

No witch is complete without her Pointy Black Hat. After all, what's the point in being a witch if no one knows about it? People respect the Hat, and you can keep a few things (like cat licenses, privy keys, and fruitbat whistles) in them as well. Whatever you want to wear under the hat, you'll be Nekkid in Granny's eyes without that hat. There's always a spare one hanging on the coat hook in Granny's kitchen; just ask it nicely to drop one for you.


Crystals are pretty little things that can be imbued with a spell. When a person wears the crystal (they come with string), the spell activates on them. Only certain spells can be imbued into crystals, and I don't have a definitive list yet. But I know that you can imbue Hag's Blessing and Granny Lipintense's Layer of Lard. They come in both small and large sizes, and the size affects how long the crystal can be used. When you imbue the crystal with a spell, it will turn to a gem-color that will slowly diminish as the spell wears off. When the crystal is used up, it will break. It is only activated, though, when the user is wearing it, and anyone can use them. You also do not need the components to imbue or use a crystal, though the effects are the same as if the spell were cast upon you.

Hag Stones

Hag Stones are round stones with holes in the middle. They can be imbued with spells or tricks, depending on the size, for later educing. Large stones are for tricks; small stones are for general spells. You can listen to a Hag Stone and hear what spell or trick it knows; if you hear nothing, it doesn't know any spells. There are specific places you can find each kind of stone, but you have to search for them. You can find large stones near the willow by Granny's house, and small ones on the road right nextdoor. There are, however, other places around the Disc where they can be found.


There is a ladder near Granny's house, but it tends to get hidden in the underbrush when it's not being used. Goats are good for eating underbrush, though.


Nothing is more perfect for carrying around your teas and ingredients, and nothing more witchy, than a lovely basket. There is at least one store in which you can purchase baskets of varying sizes and qualities, and the poisoned apples in the Gingerbread House come with a basket all their own.

Willow Withe

Mother Brynda's Call of Gravity, you will need a Willow Withe. To get one, you must have a knife or some way to cut a withe from a willow tree, and find yourself a good willow. The one by the stream near Granny's house is excellent. There is also often a spare withe left in Granny's applewood chest.


teas require the gathering of certain herbs, and some spells like Mother Twinter's Yarrow Enchantment do as well. The garden in Scrogden is rumored to contain just about any herb you could want, though Granny grows quite a few, including yarrow, comfrey, and Floppy Madmen, in her back yard. You may not always find them the first time you try to gather them, so keep trying. Some herbs go in and out of season, like other plants on the Disc (including Melons). You can also purchase them at some stores, and there are other sources as well.

Occult Items

Wet Hennes need to be in a properly witchy mood when making a magic
Circle, and while Granny Weatherwax may sniff at them, there's nothing so good at making a properly witchy mood as Occult jewelery and accessories. Harmony Stardancer's AM store has just about everything you need to circle. When you've done it enough, you'll learn that you no longer need all that occult stuff, but it does take some time.


Granny Weatherwax keeps a stock of plain white candles that are useful for
circling (once you've gotten past using the red Occult type), preserving, and providing light if one should happen to need it. They're up on the top shelf in her kitchen. You can, of course, get candles from sundry other places as well. Don't take more'n you need.

Divining Bob

The divining bob is useful for measuring the magic levels of a room. They are measured, by wizards, in thaums, but that's far too mathematical for us to fuss over. However, 10 swings of a divining bob are equal to about 600 thaums.

Other stuff will be added later.

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