Witch Commands

All guilds have commands which are learned at one time or another by their members. Many, if not most, commands can be learned from other players, as well, once you have sufficient levels in the required skills. These are the Witch commands; I'm going to add a section for other useful commands soon. From what I've heard, the Witches' guild is going to become far more command based, and that's already started happening, with Gaze and Squint. Spells are therefore less of a witchy thing, and somehow that seems about right to me.

Witch Commands


Requires:A container with tea that needs brewing.
Effect:Brews the tea in the container, which makes it much stronger or actually activating the tea.
Notes:BWB means Brewed With Bonus, and refers to what bonus the tea was brewed at. This is how we communicate the strength of healing tea in particular.


Requires:Occult Jewellery, a candle, a black handled ceremonial knife, a white handled ceremonial knife, a mummified bat, and an occult grail, a pointy black hat.
Effect:Creates a circle inside of which the enchantment level is increased, allowing you to enchant slightly higher. It may affect other spells as well.
Notes:As you become a more and more competent witch, the number of items that you will require to create a circle decrease, and become less specific as well. For example, the red candle can eventually be replaced with any candle, and the ceremonial knives with any knife or dagger you like. Eventually, all you'll need to do is trace the thing out with your toe. I was first able to circle using just a toe (while wearing my hat) when my bonus in ma.sp.sp was 280. Sans hat, at that bonus I was back to using a plain candle and a plain knife, but at a bonus of 286 (probably at 285 in general) I was able to circle with just a knife.


Requires:A large or small hag stone imbued with a trick or spell.
Effect:Allows you to learn a spell or trick from the stone.
Notes:Use "listen to stone" to determine what spell or trick is imbued in the stone. If you want information on the trick, the spell
Granny Beedle's Cooperative Credits can tell you about who made the trick. If you don't have enough room for the spell or trick in your head, the spell may escape. Spells can be killed, but they are incredibly strong (as well as pretty). Their strength does not always reflect in their consider, so be warned. You can be killed by fighting them.


Effect:Causes you to fade into the foreground.
Notes:Depending on your abilities and their perceptiveness, the level to which you disappear from view varies. The levels include such things as Clear as Day and Vague. You can use the syntax "fade into the forground by" to add a position to your fading, and you can actually have a longer position through fade than by using "position." It's kind of fun to fade and have people report "Sultana Keb Casaubon (vague) is looming right behind you." More fun than that is when your skills allow you to become part of the room description, so that people will read "This is Filigree Street outside the famous Mended Drum. Keb is looming right behind you." Granny loves to fade in her cottage, causing consternation for the less aware.


Effect:Allows you to forget spells to make room in your head for other spells.
Notes:You can only hold so many spells and tricks in your head, so you'll occasionally find cause to empty your head. You can forget one spell or all of them at once. To be able to remember more spells, increase your Magic.Spells.Special. It a very good idea to forget most or all of your spells when educing a trick for the first time.


Requires:A vessel filled with water and some ink, possibly other substances may work as well.
Effect:A witchy replacement for the loss of Crystal balls, this allows you to scry someone. If your skills aren't up to par, you will not get a very clear image in the vessel.
Notes:Once the ink dilutes in the water, you can no longer use that solution--you'll need to make it up fresh again.


Effect:Shows you your Guild Points and how you may use those that remain to you. Most actions will use some GPs.
Notes:This no longer shows up as a command, but it is useful to know about.


Requires:A little bit of scumble in the system (what fun!).
Effect:Forces all those in the vicinity to dance while listening to you gargle out the words to one of the most obscene songs known to the Disc, and one of Nanny Ogg's favorites.
Notes:Singing the Hedgehog Song is illegal in several areas, specifically in AM. The musicians' guild does not look favorably upon lawless singing. I've heard it's fatal if you do it more than once or twice in AM; I have no intention of finding out. The spell
Wee Flaudia's Fluffy Ear Muffs provides some defense against the effects of the Hedgehog Song. It is PK checked, far as I know.


Requires:A large or small hag's stone or a large or small crystal.
Effect:For stones, it makes it possible to later educe (or for someone else to educe) the spell imbued. For a crystal, imbuing a spell into a crystal causes the crystal to activate with similar effects to having the spell cast upon the wearer when it is equipped.
Notes:All standard spells may be imbued into small hag's stones. All tricks may be imbued into large hag's stones. Only certain spells such as Layer of Lard and Hag's Blessing may be imbued into crystals, but the crystals may be used by anyone, magical or not. Crystals may break upon imbuing, but they will not always brake when the spell runs out over time.


Requires:That the target have been eyed first.
Effect:Mocking will increase a player's skills in the area being mocked.
Notes:I haven't yet really mastered mocking, but it's a lot of fun. You can hear what mocking other witches are doing for ideas, or you can turn it off when you don't want mocking spam. I understand it helps mocking if you've observed the skill in use while eyeing the victim.


Effect:Changes your fundamental stats: Int, Wis, Dex, Str, and Con.
Notes:You only get ONE rearrange, barring special circumstances (a year ago, all players were given a new rearrange when a ton of things were changed on the Disc, some of us still haven't used it even though we used our first Rearrange.) Rumor is that there exist a quest or two that will allow you to adjust your stats, but I also heard most of them no longer exist. Whatever you rearrange to should be considered final, so don't use it until you're sure. Witches tend to have high Int, especially if they aren't fighting witches, but a good dex is also useful, and you must remember that you will have to deal with the consequences of your rearrange. I had to drop half my belongings after making my Str possibly a bit too low.


Effect:Lists your skills and bonuses.
Notes:You can list skills in specific areas; check Syntax skills.


Effect:There are around eight squint methods available. Each has its own effect: see the chart in Notes. When you build a squint through "squint research", the effects of each are stacked together into one squint that can be dubbed and taught to other witches. Not all the effects are always activated when you use a dubbed squint. To learn the squints, you must ask different witches around the Disc. Use syntax squint to see your squint methods and the various things you can do with them.
Notes:Eye and scathe used to be individual commands, but are now squint methods. To use them individually, research and create a squint for each one. Eyeing is still needed for mocking. Millie can tell you a bit more about each method, though I've summarised what she told me and what I've experienced below in the chart. You forget dubbed squints on death, and they share space with spells in your head.

Squint Methods

MethodEffectsWhich Witch to Ask
BlinkingIncreases the target's confidence--possibly stat bonuses. I haven't got this one yet.Ethel
EyeingSpeeds up the squint, but makes it less powerful as well as less fatiguing. Also used to observe targets for Mock.Millie
GlancingSpeeds up the squint, at a cost to effectiveness.Agnes
OglingCauses the target's nose to fall off.Nudity
PeeringDisplays the aura of the target, which shows their hitpoints and guildpoints as colors and sparkly stars.Blithesome
ScathingHarms the victim with direct damage. The old command was based on having higher int than the victim.Millie
SquinchingSeems to be a more intense scathe, doing direct damage to the target.The Caravan Witches
WinkingMakes the victim switch to a more defensive fighting stance.Dishka


Effect:Allows you to see what named Squints you have in your headspace. These squints can be invoked with "Squint", or taught to other witches.
Notes:Same concept as Spells or Commands. Let's you see what you've got at your disposal in your head.


Requires:A piece of fruit, or a basket with fruit in it. Poisoned apples are popular.
Effect:The victim will be so tempted by your blatent temptations that he will take the fruit from you and consume it, poisoned or no.
Notes:This is an easy way to poison victims prior to attacking, which will, if you give the poison time, weaken them considerably. It's also fun to use on fruitbats, but a tempted bat will eat the entire fruit--which might otherwise last her quite some time. To prevent being tempted, you can cast Banishing of Unnatural Urges on yourself or anyone you wish to protect. You apparently acquire it at GL 20 or 21. It is naturally PK checked.

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