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Contact: 758-451-6168

The Forestiere Trail is only twenty (20) minutes drive away from the city of Castries, situated in the community of Forestiere and offers a nature walk.
The Trail is part of an Old French Road which traverses through pristine rainforest.


Perhaps some of the most distinctive features on this trail are the abundance of large spectacular fig trees, epiphytes and ferns.
This 5 km (3 miles) long trail begins as a gentle slope through natural dense foliage meandering among L'encens trees (Protium attenuatum) that produces a white sap with a highly pungent smell.

Also common is the majestic Chataignier tree, which is supported by a system of elegant buttresses spreading around its base like the gentle folds of a regal gown.


20 min. from Castries by car

=> Map to Forestiere Trail (PDF)

Public Transportation:
5E bus from Castries to the Forestiere Community

*Public Buses are not scheduled.

Office Hours

8:30 am to 2:00 pm
Monday to Friday
Fee for Nature Trail & Mini Zoo

25 EC Dollars or 10 US Dollars per person

*Prices subject to change.
For more information
Forestiere Trail Office: (758) 451-6168
Forestry Department: (758) 468-5645/5648/5649
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