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Located in the heart of St. Lucia, is the Millet Bird Sanctuary Trail; a heaven of bird life.

Over thirty species of birds can be found there, including five endemic species: the St. Lucia Parrot, St. Lucia Black Finch, St. Lucia Oriole, St. Lucia Pewee and St. Lucia Warbler.

The Roseau Dam

This trail provides a breath taking view of the Roseau Dam, the largest in the Eastern Caribbean at 2 km long with an output capacity of 6.3 million gallons of water daily.


It takes approximately two hours to complete the 2.8 km (1.75 miles) walk, which is moderate to strenuous, perched at about 1,000 feet above sea level.

Map of Millet Bird Sanctuary Trail (PDF) =>

The highest mountain: Mt. Gimie

For Bird Watcher =>

15 min. from Marigot Bay by car
45 min. from Castries

=> Map to Millet Trail (PDF)

Public Transportation

Route 3B bus from Castries to Millet

*Public Buses are not scheduled.

Trail Office Hours

8:30 am to 3:00 pm
Monday to Friday
Fee for Nature Trail

25 EC Dollars or 10 US Dollars per person

Bird watching tour: 75 EC Dollars or 30 US Dollars per person
*Prices subject to change.
For more information

Millet Trail Office: (758) 451-1691

Forestry Department: (758) 468-5645/5648/5649
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