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If you are interested in Bird Watching in St. Lucia, we offer you a great opportunity to observe many kinds of birds in their natural habitat, the forest.

The Millet trail is best known for its bird watching. Over thirty species of birds can be found there, including five endemic species: the St. Lucia Parrot which you are most likely to see (if you are early enough), St. Lucia Black Finch, St. Lucia Oriole, St. Lucia Pewee and St. Lucia Warbler. Found only in St. Lucia and nowhere else in the world.

Trained tour guides will be at your service. A minimum of 4 hours is guaranteed to maximize your opportunity to see endemic birds. 24 hours advanced booking is required.

For booking, call 758-451-1691

Millet Bird Sanctuary Trail =>


The St. Lucia Parrot

About 42-46 cm (16.5-18 inches) in length. It inhabits the rainforest in the mountains of St. Lucia. It feeds in the forest canopy on a wide variety of fruits, seeds and flowers. The parrot nests in the cavities of tall trees. 

St. Lucia Black Finch

Text Box: female

The Black Finch is about 13-14 cm in length. It is found in both moist and dry forest areas. It forages in the leaf litter in dense understory. The finch usually nests in a spherical nest of twigs built in a low shrub or palm about 2 m above ground.

The St. Lucia Pewee

Text Box: male

The adult pewee grows to about 15 cm in length. It is quite common and resides mostly in moist forest, but also found in dry forest areas. It perches low and sallies for insects. The pewee nests in a cup-shaped nest made of leaves and moss placed on a branch.

The St. Lucia Oriole

The adult oriole grows to about 22 cm in length. It is found in woodlands including dry and moist forest. It is uncommon and perhaps becoming scarcer. It feeds on insects, fruits, flowers and nectar. The oriole builds a nest under a leaf or palm well above the ground.

The St. Lucia Warbler

The Warbler is about 12.5 cm in length. It is found in all forest types and at all altitudes. It forages for insects and spiders from leaves and twigs. It lays in a nicely woven, cup-shaped nest built in a tree about 1-5 m above the ground.


Access to Millet Bird Sanctuary

15 min. from Marigot Bay by car
45 min. from Castries

Fees for bird watching

75 EC Dollars 30 U.S. Dollars per person

*Advanced booking is required.
*Prices subject to change.

For more information

Millet Trail Office (758) 451-1691
Forestry Department: (758) 468-5645/5648/5649

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