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Welcome to Forestry Department Homepage

The Forestry Division of St. Lucia was established in 1946, and then upgraded to the status of Forestry Department in 1984 and is currently supervised by a Chief Forest Officer.

The Forestry Department is responsible for the survey and inventory of Forest Reserves, especially those falling within the watershed areas. The Department is organized into five Ranges (North, Dennery, Millet, Soufriere and Quilesse Ranges), each with a Senior Forest Officer and supporting staff. They have responsibility for all commercial and conservation aspects of the Forest Management Plan.

The Forest Management Plan provides for all aspects of good forest management including plantations, the promotion of social and agro forestry, watershed protection, the environment and wildlife conservation. The Department has spearheaded public education with campaigns to change local attitudes towards wildlife, litter, deforestation and development.

The motto of the Forestry Department, 'La Foway Say La Vie' ('La Foret C'est La Vie' ) or 'The Forest is Life' provides a simple yet absolute principal for the sustainable occupation of a small, tropical forest island.

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