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<Visitors Comments for Forestiere Rainforest Trail>

-The trail seems to be well taken care of and well maintained. The views are beautiful. Guide is a great and was very informative.  (US,46-50)

-Very nice! This was my favorite adventure we took in St. Lucia! (US,31-35)

-I was very impressed with the extensive scientific knowledge our guide demonstrated and we were very excited to see parrots!     (US,26-30,Apr.2008)

-Guide was an amazing extremely informative and fun!              (US,20-25,May2008)

-This was really fun! I would recommend to anyone.                    (US,20-25,Jun.2008)


<Visitors Comments for Barre de L’isle Rainforest Trail>   (Self Guiding Course)

-Hard walk up and down but well worth the effort. Beautiful sights and views thank you (UK, Over60,Sep.2007)

-Good brochure for plants, could also mention lizards, insects ect., winds (UK,41-45, Feb.2008)

-Clean Trail, Keep it up (UK,36-40,Feb2008)

-Cool! (Netherlands,36-40,Mar.2008)

-Well kept trail-well marked, a good hike! (Canada, 36-40, Jun.2008)


<Visitors Comments for Millet Bird Sanctuary Trail>

-Good steps –fantastic views (UK, Over60, Nov.2007)

-Interesting and well laid out (UK, Over60, Nov.2007)

-We have enjoyed this walk very much. The rain made the trail muddy but the steps and handrail helped us greatly (UK, 50-60, Nov.2007)

-Excellent, guide very knowledgeable (UK, 50-60, Nov.2007)

-Very scenic, well maintained, beautiful & peaceful, loved the Carib & hummingbirds (US, 31-35, Nov.2007)



<Visitors Comments for Enbas Saut Waterfall Trail>

-Keep it natural (US, Under20, Jan.2008)

-Very well maintenance and natural (US, 36-40, Jan.2008)

-Very good trail this was one of the best activity that we have done on the island, very beautiful (US, 50-60, Jan.2008)

-Very nice site, beautiful flowers, very clean a great pleasure (France, 36-40, Jan,2008)

-Trail was very well maintained. Guide was very knowledgeable about flora and fauna (US, 31-35, Feb,2008)



<Visitors Comments for Des Cartiers  Rainforest Trail>

-Could provide more interpretation signs for significant tree and species (Taiwan, 31-35, Nov.2007)

-Excellent for bird watching and eco-tour (Taiwan, 50-60, Nov.2007)

-Need more time to enjoy the beauty (US, 50-60, Dec.2007)

-Guide was very knowledgeable. He knew a lot of answer to my questions (Canada, Under20, Jan.2008)

-It was very good to be deep in the Rainforest and very good information by Guide (UK, Under20, Jan.2008)


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